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Digital Arms – Information Technology and Services

The Digital ARMS Ecosystem
Digital Arms Digital Ecosystem is an NFT trading platform focused on the gun, gaming, and hunting enthusiasts. Digital Arms action is to allow clients to have various NFT related settings such as trade, token age, provider hours, and others. Digital Arms is focusing on the hunting and weapons industry to have an alternative to sending NFT tokens associated with their products so that customers as a whole can see what their products are like as exchangeable NFT tokens.
Basically, Digital Arms will build and launch Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) firearms that have specific capabilities. For example, some accessories such as optical sights, heavy-duty chargers, handles, silencers, and overlays of different colors and/or designs, etc. can be added. NFT Digital Arms will be rare, collectible, and interoperable with video games.

For certain publications, Digital Arms will partner with an internationally renowned firearms brand in NFT publications, which are created from computer-aided design (CAD) to manufacture firearms. The partnership with Digital Arms includes the manufacture of firearms for the military, as well as firearms for shooting and hunting competitions.

NFT Platform
The NFT market continues to experience explosive growth, with everything from digital kittens to collectible punk characters creating a vibrant user base. As the boundaries of blockchain technology continue to expand and the interface between the digital and physical worlds grows, the door has been opened for more industries to provide digital ecosystems for their own fan base. Digital Arms provides this ecosystem for the hunting and firearms community so they can have the NFT experience they love.

NFT Digital Arms will be digital replicas of physically branded firearms. Many digital weapon NFTs are created from the computer-aided design (CAD) used to manufacture firearms to ensure precise precision and the highest quality digital reproduction. These include military-grade firearms, as well as firearms for shooting and hunting competitions.

Digital Arms will strive to take full advantage of the NFTs it creates and provide users with maximum benefit to ensure they are acquiring valuable assets. Each NFT Digital Arms will be one of several rarity classes: the higher the rarity, the rarer the NFT. The platform will also implement gamification mechanisms in the future, for example, the ability to burn common NFTs to create rarer NFTs.

Digital Arms anticipates that features such as built-in rarity, reskin ability, ability to complement accessories, and gamification will create significant value for NFT Digital Arms owners.

Digital Arms Features

The Digital Weapons Platform will host a dedicated eCommerce platform with auction functionality. This feature will allow users to list their real firearms and hunting-related accessories and receive exposure from the user`s network. The eCommerce platform will enable peer-to-peer transactions as well as merchant integration.

Merchants can create their own store within the Digital Arms platform to showcase their goods and services, where they can choose to receive $ HNTR for all or specific products. In addition, merchants can pay a fee of $ HNTR to promote their business or products.

In addition to buying and selling NFT Digital Arms, Digital Armory enables exclusive features for NFT that other markets cannot. This may include NFT burning for prices determined by rarity and NFT wagering ability.

Digital Arms core team is an excellent combination of technology, business, and strategy. With a variety of backgrounds, including SME management, business development, marketing, and the firearms and games industries, the combined experience provides a strong foundation for the Digital Arms project.

Hunter Token ($ HNTR) will be the central medium of exchange that will facilitate the entire ecosystem of digital weapons.

The $ HNTR token is a Binance BEP20 smart chain token that is used to facilitate the digital weapons ecosystem. $ HNTR is used by participants in the Digital Arms ecosystem and is aimed at firearms enthusiasts, hunting enthusiasts, retailers, gamers, and game developers.

Merchants an important branch of the Digital Weapons ecosystem will involve the placement of relevant firearms and hunting-related merchants who will receive $HNTR tokens. The $HNTR token will be used to facilitate an ecosystem to support the world`s safari booking site, connecting cross-border hunters and clothing retailers in North America, Africa, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.

Digital Arms expects a lot of Digital Arms users to be the first users of cryptocurrency, therefore Digital Arms will provide an easy-to-use hot wallet on the Digital Arms platform for those who are not confident enough in creating their own wallets, private keys, and wallets. Seed phrase.
The Arms Digital Wallet will be able to store $HNTR tokens and other BEP20 tokens which will be decided closer to the release date. The Arms Digital Wallet will have the ability to store all your NFTs.

NFT is a protocol that was developed to become a protocol that people can use to secure their digital assets on blockchain technology. By using blockchain technology, content creators can launch their digital content with blockchain technology where this digital content can be traded on a marketplace that supports the NFT protocol. Nowadays, many content creators are using the NFT protocol for their digital content because by using this protocol content creators can sell their digital content more easily and securely online.

As content creators use the NFT protocol for their digital content, the global NFT sector is also growing every month, and Digital Arms is using this to launch a platform that will facilitate firearms, gaming, and hunting enthusiasts. Digital Arms adopted the NFT protocol to be able to present users with a platform with unique features which will facilitate various user needs, such as NFT trading, merchant solutions, etc.

NFT Platform
The NFT or non-fungible protocol is a protocol that allows digital content to be secured using blockchain technology. The NFT protocol is very flexible and can be implemented in various sectors globally, without any restrictions or other things. Developers can use the NFT protocol on Ethereum, BSC, and other blockchains. Therefore, now many platforms, especially digital platforms, have adopted the NFT protocol on their platforms because of the many advantages it brings. And Digital Arms is an NFT trading platform targeting firearms, gaming, and hunting enthusiasts. Digital Arms solution is to allow users to access various features related to NFT such as trading, token generation, merchant solutions, and others. Digital Arms is targeting the hunting and firearms industry to be able to launch NFT tokens associated with their products so that global users can see how their products are in the form of tradable NFT tokens.

Digital Arms is an ecosystem that targets not only those who have weapons but also those who admire weapons and wish to have them in tradable digital form. With a solution like this, the hobbies of shooters, gamers, and collectors can be facilitated.

Digital Arms Features
Digital Arms is an NFT trading platform that targets firearms, gaming, and hunting enthusiasts. The features offered by Digital Arms enable users to own weapons in the form of tradable NFT tokens. Users can customize their weapons to their liking. But that’s not all, there are several other features of Digital Arms:

Global NFT Licensing Rights: only by cooperating with the global hunting and firearm industries, Digital Arms intends to be able to launch NFT tokens according to their products. Later this weapon in the form of NFT tokens can be offered to global users.
NFT Gaming Integration: Digital Arms allows integration with gaming platforms to create firearms on their platform. Later each NFT will have a unique identifier which will allow different pieces of software.
Merchants: a merchant solution that enables merchants globally to create their own stores within Digital Arms and display their goods and services on Digital Arms. Later these merchants can receive $HNTR tokens for payment for their products and services.


Hunter Token ($HNTR) is a cryptocurrency token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). It is the token that will be used throughout the Digital Arms platform, to purchase and sell NFTs, as well as to access other platform features.HNTR token is expected to be listed on a decentralized exchange by Q4, 2021

Max supply – 1 billion.

The $HNTR token circulating supply is highly unlikely to ever reach a market capitalization of 1 billion, due to the burn features implemented and further discussed. Tokens are divisible up to 8 decimal places.

Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) is used because:

  1. It is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible, meaning it is interoperable with existing Ethereum wallets.
  2. Being a side chain, it has lower transaction fees than the Ethereum Main Chain.
  3. In comparison to other EVM sidechains, Binance Smart Chain has the most adoption.

Digital Arms will set up on-chain and off-chain liquidity pools which will allow users to provide liquidity for the $HNTR token, whilst earning rewards. Liquidity pools will help facilitate the ecosystem and allow community members and merchants to exit their $HNTR position if they so choose.

Burn / Reward

The Digital Arms Ecosystem has developed a burn and reward mechanism for the $HNTR token:

Token Burn

0.5% of every transaction on the Digital Arms NFT platform will result in $HNTR token burn, meaning the max token circulation volume will reduce over time.

Active User Rewards

0.25% of every transaction on the Digital Arms NFT platform will be stored in the pool. The pool’s purpose will be used to reward users in some way or another.

Token Utility
The $HNTR token will be used to facilitate the Digital Arms ecosystem. Interactions within the Digital Arms ecosystem will require the use of the token. The plan is to implement $HNTR in the following use cases:

Firearm NFTS

The Digital Arms community can use their SHNTR to purchase firearm NFTS.

NFT Accessories

Digital Arms NFT owners will be able to purchase accessories for their firearms, as described throughout this document.

Digital Armory

Facilitate the resale of their NFTs to other users via the Digital Arms online marketplace.

Ecommerce auction site

Ecosystem for users to list and sell hunting-related goods at reduced fees,


More transparent transactions, and token incentives.Hunting/firearm store merchants can accept $HNTR as payment for their Advertising Digital Arms ecosystem, or elsewhere, using $HNTR tokens.

Game Developers

Game developers can pay using $HNTR to request firearm NFTs to be created which will be interoperable with their games. $HNTR may also be integrated in-game to allow gamers to transact.

Safari Hunting

Ecosystem to facilitate the safari hunting industry, allowing for faster bookings, faster payments, transparent transactions, and token incentives

Pre-Seed – 150,000,000

Seed – 80,000,000

Whitelist Sale – 60,000,000

Presale – 30,000,000

Public Sale – 30,000,000

Strategic Partnerships – 1,000,000

Team – 200,000,000

Advisors – 50,000,000

Treasury – 300,000,000

The value of the $HNTR token is reflected in the growth and utility of the community and the ecosystem. An ecosystem not only for those who own physical firearms but also for those who admire and respect firearms. first-person shooter players and collectors. The Hunter Token (© HNTR) will become the primary medium of exchange in the entire digital ecosystem.

The Digital Arms flagship will initially be the digital recreation of the NFTS related to real firearms, including, but not limited to, replica firearms and firearms accessories. High Quality. Each NFT has a unique ID that allows various software, such as video games and metaverse, to read the data and recreate the gun in their digital environment. The platform is designed and designed as a multi-modular system facet that serves the diverse services within the Digital Arms ecosystem.

The Hunting Ecosystem will provide a unique reservation directory for International Guided Safari Hunts where every merchant can be easily found by users. Users will be able to use their $HNTR tokens with traders and traders will benefit from higher exposure and potentially a wider range of customers. Like all NFTS, the value of Hunter Tokens is largely determined by their popularity with fans.

2021 – Q3

Establishment of CEO and Team Company formation

White paper

Licensing Agreements with industry-leading brands

2021 – Q4

Hunter Token website created

Development of Digital Arms Platform concludes

Wallet development concludes

Digital Arms website development concludes

Listing on Pancake swap

2022 – Q1

First licensed brand NFT minting

Digital Arms website release

Staking available for Hunter Token

Development of Hunting Satan Booking platform

2022 – Q2

Second NFT rewards token announcement

NFT Staking / Bumping introduced

NFT integration to gaming and metaverse

Secondary NFT marketplace available

2022 – Q3

Digital Arms App.

Augmented reality integrated with NFTs

User interaction

Fully operational first and secondary marketplace

The core team is an excellent combination of technology, business and strategy. Coming from various backgrounds including SME management, business development, marketing and the firearms and gaming industries, our combined experience provides a strong foundation for the Digital Arms project.

Chris Watkins


Chris Watkins is a hands-on Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with expertise in business development and operations, through strategic foresight, drive, and determination, Chris built a strong foundation for his successful multimillion-dollar company TSA Outdoors, of which has capitalized on managing SMEs from a c-suite level.lAs a leader and self sufficient innovator, 2021 has seen Chris be the driver in developing Digital Arms and Hunter token ($HNTR).

Nathan Dudney

VP BizDev

Nathan has had a wealth of knowledge and experience in the contractual relations and sales space. He has spent more than ten years working with firearms manufacturers across a variety of roles including product management, sales and marketing, program management, manufacturing and business management.

Mike Sexton


Mike is a seasoned solution architect and software developer with experience across a broad range of technologies and industries. He has a passion for blockchain and a keen vision for the future of these disruptive technologies. With over 25 years of experience working for large corporates and consulting firms, Mike has been through all stages of complex system builds and implementations.

Matt Garrod


Matthew is the Chief Financial Officer of Digital Arms and has 18 years of experience working across the UK and Australia in a variety of commercial and finance roles. Matthew’s role will have an emphasis on identifying, understanding and managing financial risks of the project, as well as on looking after investor relations.

Ben Clarke


Ben is the Chief Marketing Officer of Digital Arms, bringing over 12 years of experience working with top tier brands. Ben’s ability to effectively develop and enhance business relationships will be utilized for the Digital Arms project.

Sarah Edwards

Head of Design

Sarah Edwards heads up Design and Branding for Digital Arms. She has been working in the digital design space for over 20 years and her skills range widely from visual, digital and user interface to print and packaging solutions.

NFTs are a class of assets of this economy A non-fungible token is a class of digital assets that exist online, has unique properties, and is managed in a digital ledger, i.e., a Blockchain. These digital assets become valuable because of attributes such as their scarcity: Each NFT is serialized and is invested with a certificate of authenticity. They cannot be replicated. Furthermore, when they are purchased, their ownership is recorded immutably against the NFT, and when traded, the change in ownership is recorded the same way. Due to these attributes, NFTS has become a very popular class of emerging digital assets.

Backed by Blockchain platforms, NFTS saw their birth among crypto enthusiasts but have rapidly entered the mainstream through sports collectables such NBA Top Shot, with international also poised to move into this space. The demand for NFTs is continuing to surge and the NFT market is showing no signs of slowing down.NTFS enable new and more decentralized actors to use programmability to create new value exchanges that transform industry structures. This new digital asset class is also a new digital product that executive leaders should integrate into their future digital business strategies because this is something that people and the community enjoy!

For more information

Website :
Facebook :
Whitepaper :
Telegram :
Twitter :

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Surfmoon Project Review.

Surfmoon aspires to be the first step towards a fruitful future. It is a decentralized global platform that provides unique synergies for all components of the travel industry, hotels and resorts, tour operators, airlines and other service providers, as well as the clients themselves.

Fly in an airplane, stay at a hotel, or take a train, boat, or boat. Wherever you travel, Surfmoon rewards you for making these connections on the blockchain. Within the SRCM ecosystem, users can participate in travel-related activities — all of which are rewarded with our tokens.
Be part of the most innovative crypto community! Surfmoon is a new project that aims to improve the global travel industry by connecting it to Blockchain. Using Blockchain technology, Surfmoon will be able to implement transparency in payments, reward affiliates for promoting their services and run campaigns on its behalf.
Surfmoon is a community-driven project involving travelers and travel service providers around the world. It allows people to share and exchange their experiences and also rewards everyone who contributes to the global travel industry. This project aims to enable users to earn crypto rewards for sharing their experiences with others.
The ability to pay for travel using cryptocurrency i.e. partnering with leading flight, hotel and rental providers is SurfMoon’s long-term goal. Not only will this make it easier for millions of people around the world to book their holidays, but it will also create huge opportunities for SurfMoon. Of course at the moment the viability of the movement is low, but with the increasing demand for travel from year to year, secure payments, and cryptocurrencies in general, it is not impossible that one day we can hope to achieve this goal.
With Surfmoon, all users can earn real cryptocurrencies, which can be exchanged for hotel bookings, flights, car rental services, utility bills or online shopping.
For the first time in history, Surfmoon (MOO) is opening its doors and giving away up to 3 million FREE MOO tokens from September 30, 2018 to March 31, 2019. We have ordered the 1MD ViZn Battery Backpack — Voltage Inverter Tech Fabric Portable Charger compatible with all devices USB powered — Apple 12W, 24W, 29W — Black claims a lot which means that everyone can take part in receiving MOO tokens without paying a dime for it!
Surfmoon is a new token on the Ethereum blockchain — and this is your chance to get it before the project starts.
Welcome to the Surfmoon community! You will receive a unique referral link. You can use this unique link to invite friends and help build a community. We will give you:
Now you have the possibility to earn surfing money every month with — this is how it works: The U Travel Index increases daily, depending on the number of unique visits per day on Surfmoon. In addition, Surfmoon distributes a portion of all U Travel Index earnings on a daily basis among its holders.
We put your online behavior to work for you. Eating at a restaurant? Check. Open a bank account? Check. How about going to the mall? Check! Everyone spends money online differently. With Surfmoon, you can decide how you want to be rewarded for your online activities.
Are you a travel fan? Do you need extra money on the side? We have a simple answer for you. Just use our app to collect Mooncoins on the go! What’s more, unlike Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, there is no need to go through a lengthy process to get it or pay high fees. Mooncoin is safer and easier for you to get while abroad. In addition, you can also get rewards from home.
Why Pay With Cryptocurrencies?

Apart from obvious reasons, such as decentralization, eliminating middlemen and faster transaction fees, there are also other advantages, such as eliminating problems with exchange rates, and travel ‘brokers’ trying to take advantage of rising prices. We’d also like to offer an exclusive discount to those holding SurfMoon, details of which will hopefully be announced in the near future. Of course realizing all of these ideas will require a large budget, which we seek to increase through sales/purchase tax structures, donation pools and through NFT sales. This tax structure will help us realize our prizes, including travel packages to major destinations around the world

Core Values

Strong Community

As SurfMoon is about to launch on the Binance Smart Chain, a strong community is critical to keeping the project alive and gaining exposure, as well as in deciding the future of the project. Ultimately, community tokens are as powerful as those coming together as a collective to share a vision.


Transparency is a key factor for SurfMoon. The community coin room is filled with ‘rugs’, distrust, and behaviors that are normally not tolerated by shareholders in conventional business models. The goal is to inspire as much confidence as possible by documenting all plans, time frames, and by communicating regularly with the community.


We want to add value by creating tokens that innovate and add value to the BSC space. Our development wallet will be critical to this, and we will continue to ensure that we strive to achieve our long-term goals. Expanding our team and consulting internally will help us achieve these goals, as well as create new ones.


SurfMoon is here to stay. We want to prove our project in the future by continuing to build infrastructure and forge partnerships. We want our investors to feel comfortable holding our tokens, knowing that the team will do their best in the background to grow our ecosystem.


Our tokennomics structure includes a reflection of BNB which is the current trend in the community currency. It differs from native token reflection in that it prevents charts from being sold, as well as promoting holding and inspiring investor safety. As the token market cap suffers, so does everyone who owns the original token. Meanwhile, if the BNB reflection is distributed, then the small BNB reflection is likely to affect the investor’s portfolio. Apart from that, BNB reflection also encourages token purchases as it can serve as passive income.

Phase 1: Launch
Apply Surfmoon Contract
Publish the SurfMoon website
Assemble a dedicated team that believes in the long term
vision term
Make a private sale
Marketing for whitelisted pre-sale apps
Surfmoon whitelist presale app open
Phase 2: Development
Marketing for whitelisted pre-sales
Pre-sale whitelist shown on PinkSale
Marketing for public selling (Reddit, influencers, twitter, shill competition)
Public sale posted on PancakeSwap
Meme Competition + Prize
NFT sales
Phase 3: Growth
Community package holiday gifts
Consolidate use cases for SurfMoon + budget allocation
Team expansion
Phase 4: Expansion
A platform that combines travel, NFT and gaming
Mobile games and P2E browser
Regular package holiday gifts for dedicated members
Larger NFT library
Live travel comparison site with the aim of getting package provider partnerships
For more information:

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Why You Should Buy DexGem Tokens Through DexGem Exchange


Dexgem is an unlicensed and community regulated launch pad. projects to increase liquidity in a secure & decentralized Community that will select projects to list on the launch pad.

Project developers are welcome to use our security feature which allows them to lock their liquidity provider tokens.

Locking liquidity is becoming the standard in the DeFi industry, and we are proud to reaffirm this concept brought to market by Dexgem.

As a token developer, our technology can help you launch your project. We collaborate with a growing number of third-party providers who can review various aspects of your product.

As an incubator, you can also use our technology to launch your own incubation project.

About Dexgem

Dexgem is a Multi Chain Decentralized Protocol and a community governed launch pad

Dexgem Originally deployed on the Binance Smart Chain, our service will operate across multiple chains, enabling projects, communities, and token developers to use tools that suit them.

Why choose Dexgem?

As the Binance smart chain ecosystem grows, more projects are expected to appear out of nowhere. For every new project that comes out, many bad actors can take advantage of Defi’s freedom and permissionless nature to scam users with their hard-earned money. To protect investors’ funds and save legitimate projects from inconvenient pre-sale hurdles, Dexgem offers a secure platform where the community is in complete control over the pre-sale process of a project.

Give back strength to the community

Our goal is to create a safe, unlicensed, community-regulated ILO ecosystem. The Dexgem token will play an important role in this, characterized by many utilities. Today, many launch pads use an overly bureaucratic and complex system for determining which projects to feature on their platforms. We differ in the sense that future projects can push their product into the mainstream in a more unlicensed way. After that, it is up to the community to decide which projects to register for funding. A successful incubation program at Dexgem will reward the project with token grants which will only be released after a certain time, with community approval, of course.

Tokenomic Dexgem


For more information:
Twitter :
Github :


Freelance — NFT Art Project complete ecosystem for artists, gamers

Freelancing is a mythological virtual life conceptualized by a team of artists and engineered by blockchain enthusiasts. His vision is to build an ecosystem that allows users to create, experience, and monetize their content and apps. Every creativity on Lepasa is an NFT token (ERC-721) and is always owned by its holder on the ethereum blockchain, giving them complete control wherever and whatever they want to use it. Creature is a rare digital asset that is non-exchangeable, transferable, stored in Ethereum smart contracts.

Recently it has garnered great interest from people in cyberspace, both for fun and experience. Unlike other virtual properties, Lepasa is not controlled by a centralized organization. There is no single authority with the power to change the rules of the software, content, token economy, or prevent others from accessing it. This document describes the ideology, technical stance, and economics of Freelancing.

The vision of Lepasa’s vision
, is to create a mythological world which is a beautiful legendary habitat. Which will offer a social experience with an economy driven by layers of soil and the unique creatures of its owners, with content distribution. Developers will be able to build apps on top of Freelance, distribute them to users, and monetize them.

In future projects it is possible to implement peer-to-peer communication, script systems for interactive content, and cryptocurrency payment systems for transactions in the world. Communication layer for social experience, providing positioning, posture, voice chat, and more; This can be achieved with a P2P network. A script system is a tool that landowners can use to describe the behavior and interactions of 3D objects, sounds, and applications running on blocks of land.

The planned zone and its above-ground development capabilities will make the Lepasa block of land unique. Each block of land will be assigned a unique address with the special characteristics of the area. This will help with the spatial discovery of new content and the creation of custom themes. Blocks in Lepasa have increased the amount of proximity. In addition, adjacent content blocks can be seen from a distance. For content creators, zoning provides access to targeted traffic; for end users, it allows discovery of themed experiences. Users can travel through the environment and interact with the applications they find. Developers can acquire users by buying land in high-interest areas. This will allow a secondary market to develop around land ownership and leasing, as is the case with other cyber projects.

Possible Use Cases

Apps & Games: The scripting language will allow to develop applications, games, gambling, and dynamic 3D scenes and to handle a wide range of capabilities, including creating objects, loading textures, handling physics, coding user interactions, sounds, payments, and external calls, among others. other .

Advertising: Brands can advertise using billboards near, or on, high-interest land blocks to promote their products, services and events. Some environments may be virtual versions of locations that stand out to advertisers because of high user interest. In addition, brands can showcase products, services and create shared experiences to engage with their audience.

Digital Collections (NFT): We expect users to publish, distribute and collect rare digital assets issued by Lepasa and other blockchain projects by their creators. As is the case today in other virtual worlds or via online forums, these digital assets will be traded in this world via a scripting system and supported by the naming system mentioned above.

The emergence of major social media platforms, such as Facebook and Tiktok has enabled hundreds of millions of users to gather, interact, share content, and play games. All these platforms are controlled by a centralized organization. Lepasa aims to build a platform that allows its content creators to own and capture the full value of their contributions.

Crypto asset adoption is still in its early stages, blockchain based infrastructure makes it robust for creators and holders. Since then, While the blockchain infrastructure, pioneered by Ethereum, It is easier and more stable for developers to build more secure applications through Lepasa. Blockchain technology makes virtual reality more scalable and a logical business opportunity. There may be endless possibilities and imagination.

Overview NFT
Non-Fungible Tokens are a new and exciting product in the luxury market. As the crypto community is blessed in terms of scrutiny, But the current offerings are not mature enough to monetize the market.

NFT is still in its early stages in many aspects. And there are many strong use cases for potential businesses in the current situation viz.

A. Art
B. Virtual Land
C. Games
D. Animation Collections

These four categories are rated the most promising as NFT and in the future Lepasa will serve them all.

Ikhtisar NFT
Non-Fungible Tokens are a new and exciting product in the luxury market. As the crypto community is blessed in terms of scrutiny, But the current offerings are not mature enough to monetize the market.

NFT is still in its early stages in many aspects. And there are many strong use cases for potential businesses in the current situation viz.

A. You
B. Virtual Land
C. Games
D. Animation Collection
These four categories are rated the most promising as NFT and in the future Lepasa will serve them all.

Legendary Lepasa is created exclusively for the Lepasa community and can only be obtained with a $ LEPA token.

High Liquidity: The $LEPA token provides sufficient liquidity to project to exchange between NFT and tokens
Hyper Deflation: Each swap burns $LEPA tokens, which ensures continuous scarcity.
Staking: Hold $LEPA tokens and stake for rewards.
Crosschain: Access $LEPA on multiple public blockchains.
It is important for you to know the token economy and how we will use the funds.

Total Supply: 100 M
Initial Circulation Supply: Less than 10%
List Price: $0.15
Public Sale: $0.10
Token Distribution
Everything you want to know about Free Token Distribution.

1% Public sale – Price: $0.10
List Price – $0.15
Strategic & Private Distribution – 10% will be given on listing, Then daily vesting for 365 days.
Basic Recommendation – After 1 year, daily vesting for 365 days.
Marketing & Business Development – 10% awarded on listing, Then given daily for 365 days.
Liquidity – 10% of the total supply is allocated for liquidity.
Team – After 1 year, daily vesting for 365 days.
Advisor – After 1 year, daily vesting for 365 days.
Use of Funds
This is how the funds will be used.

40% of the funds will be used to support development.
Marketing actions such as market entry strategies will reach 20% of the total funds raised.
Law and Accounting will represent 10% of the total funds raised.
30% of the funds will be used to provide liquidity to the exchange.
That’s all I can say in this article. If you need accurate and reliable information, you can visit their official link, which I have provided below:

Telegram: https: // t . me/lepasa_discuss

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Pitch Finance

Pitch Finance Project

Pitch Finance is a decentralized cross-chain ecosystem designed to launch verified private sales, trade various tokens and NFT across multiple blockchains. Pitch Finance aims to be a decentralized platform for investors and project owners to help fulfill their private selling and OTC trading across multiple chains. Next, they plan to build an NFT marketplace for their users. Pitch Finance will ensure that projects for private sale pass their KYC verification procedure with research deemed credible and reliable to be listed on the platform. PFT is the native token of Pitch Finance. It will serve as the primary vehicle for transactions and operations within the Pitch Finance ecosystem.

What is Pitch Finance?
What is Pth nаnе (PFT), Eоtem? which generally cannot be controlled by third parties or which we often refer to as (without intermediaries).

It аіmѕ tо mаіntаіn thе реrfоrmаnсе оf blосkсhаіn tо bесоmе а mоrе mоdеrn tесhnоlоgу еvеn nоt оnlу in The ѕhоrt tеrm but fоr futurе еrаѕ, аѕ wеll аѕ thе Pіtсh Fіnаnсе (PFT), есоѕуѕtеm whісh bаѕісаllу рrоvіdеѕ mаnу bеnеfіtѕ fоr іnvеѕtоrѕ аnd рrоvіdеѕ thе ѕоlutіоnѕ уоu nееd ! including the original owners, developers, investors, and also the community who are always together with Ptсh nt,. pth nаnе (PFT), оtеm аn struture fouѕеѕ on the fnal servеѕ gateway by nсrеаng tаblt аn in the sense that anyone can easily use this platform and it can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and according to them Another goal being developed by the developer is to build their own cage which is owned by Pith Fnе (PFT).

About Financial Pitch
Our mission

Pitch Finance’s mission is to optimize, improve and add value to the core operations of Defi Apps & Projects.

Pitch Financial Ecosystem

The Pitch Finance platform is available for all types of people to participate in the decentralized economy.

Print your own tokens, make presales, trade OTC.

Multiple Blockchain

Pitch Finance products are available on multiple blockchains for more play, more possibilities, more potential.

Pasar NFT

The first multi-chain NFT market. to create, buy, sell, trade, and exchange any NFT on any blockchain, all from one place.

The token is already listed on the beautiful exchange.
The Ptсh nаnе (PFT), right? Are you interested in inviting us? “YES OF COURSE” I highly recommend Pith Finance (PFT), as an investment for the future. because I usually strongly believe that this Project will attract a large and profitable market investment in the future! welcome friends. Phаnе (PFT),Features

Pіth Fnаnсе (PFT), is a platform that provides users with modern, inclusive and decentralized financial services. Оffеrеd fеаturеѕ bу Thе Pіtсh Fіnаnсе (PFT), еnаblе uѕеrѕ ассеѕѕ tо tо сrурtо wаllеtѕ & gаtеwауѕ blосkсhаіn аррѕ, whісh thеm tо аllоwѕ buу, ѕtоrе, ѕеnd, ѕwар tоkеnѕ, еxрlоrе blосkсhаіn аррѕ, аnd ѕtоrе аnd trаnѕfеr NFTѕ. But that’s not all, there are some other features of Pitch Finance (PFT).

The token is already listed on the coinsbit exchange and I hope it will be listed on the pancake swap exchange and wait a while for more exchanges. Each of our agencies also tries to invest in strong projects. I hope It is a Strong project.

PFT is Pitch Finance Financial Utility Token. Live Pitch Finance tоdау’ѕ рrісе іѕ ​​IDR 0.014124 IDR wіth а 24-hоur tradіng vоlumе оf nоt аvаіlаblе. Wе урdаtе оur PFT рrісеѕ tо IDR іn rеаl tіmе. Pіtсh Фіnаnсе іѕ ​​dоwn .32 іn thе lаѕt 24 hоurѕ. CоіnMаrkеtCар’ѕ сurrеnt rаtіng іѕ # 6762, wіth а mаrkеt сар оf nоt аvaіlаblе. Cіrсulаtіng ѕurрlу іѕ not аvaіlаblе аnd max. 100urрlу 100,000,000,000,000 PFT соіnѕ.

PFT іѕ Pіtсh Фіnаnсе Фіnаnсе Утиlіtу tоkеn. Live Pitch Finance tоdaу’ѕ рrісе іѕ ​​IDR 0.014124 IDR wіth а 24-hоur tradіng vоlumе оf nоt аvаіlаblе. Wе урdаtе оur PFT рrісеѕ tо IDR іn rеаl tіmе. Pіtсh Фіnаnсе іѕ ​​dоwn .32 іn thе lаѕt 24 hоurѕ. CоіnMаrkеtCар’ѕ сurrеnt rаtіng іѕ # 6762, wіth а mаrkеt сар оf nоt аvaіlаblе. Cіrсulаtіng ѕurрlу іѕ not аvaіlаblе аnd max. 100urрlу 100,000,000,000,000 PFT соіnѕ.

Nаmе: PITCH Fіnаnсе

Sуmbоl: PFT

Tоkеn Blосkсhаіn: BEP-20

Photo: 100,000,000,000


Project Link
Website :

Telegram :

Facebook :

Twitter :

Instagram :

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Jadeite is an Expensive Gemstone in the cryptocurrency world


The crypto world has revolutionized the payment system; it has shifted us from the old and traditional way of financial transactions to a secure and decentralized system. Introduction of some digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. has made the accumulation of wealth easily achievable and facilitated payment methods worldwide. People are now creating value through blockchain technology. There are several crypto platforms where people really get satisfaction, but in an effort to make blockchain technology touch and affect all areas of human life.


Jadeite ($JDT) is the underlying token on the Beryl Network. Jadeite is a deflationary token that generates community-driven returns on the Binance Smart Chain network for the community. Using BEP20 is more advantageous than Ethereum as it significantly reduces end-user costs.

This is a new innovative DeFi Ecosystem. Their mission is to create the next generation complete all-in-one platform with decentralized blockchain to give everyone in the world an equal opportunity to manage and enhance their financial security.


Jadeite offers passive income to its holders. 3% of each transaction is redistributed to Jadeite holders.


The supply is permanently reduced by continuous burning of tokens. 3% of each JDT transaction will be forfeited forever.


Jadeite will offer a number of benefits from distributed applications to its holders.

How does it work?
Tokemonics Jadeite works by taking a 10% fee on every transaction. This fee is divided into 4 parts: 3% of the fee is redistributed to each wallet that holds JDT on a percentage basis. The more JDT tokens you hold, the more you will receive. 3% of the fee divided 50/50 half of which is sold by contract to BNB, while the other half of the JDT token is automatically paired with the aforementioned BNB and added as a liquidity pair on PancakeSwap. 3% of the fee is burned on every transaction. 1% of fees for marketing wallets (this tax is temporary).

Our vision
Our vision is to have many things in one climate, which can be easily used by everyone. Having an alternative to doing cross-chain exercises and moreover staying aware of trust and safety is our point. The level of benefits provided by our application will be redistributed to our holders. One of our goals is to coordinate markets so that we can get their monetary backers and assets on a journey to track different universes.

Our Mission
Our main goal is to create a clear and comprehensive state of the art with decentralized blockchain to offer everyone in the world an equal opportunity to monitor and reduce their financial security.

We may have the option to work with secure cross-chain associations at the best prices when using live stages. We intend to have not only fiscally attractive computerized money assets for temporary representatives, but suitable long term assets for certified long term customers.

The unlocks you get by joining Jadeite
– Safe and powerful
– Pricing layout
– Gem exchange
– Gem sale stage –
Beryl blockchain network
– Gemjar Wallet

Benefits if you join Jadeite
– Free Earnings : Jadeite offers its holders a modest income. 3% of each trade is redistributed among jadeite holders.
– Token Deflation: Stocks are consistently declining due to persistent token burning. 3% of every JDT trade will be canceled forever.
– JADEITE Devidents : Jadeite will offer its holders the benefits of forwarded applications.

Jadeite will be the foundational identification of the Beryl blockchain and will probably be the basic fuel for paying trading fees and action rewards. We have now started our journey in the BSC association. The Beryl blockchain will be practically EVM, it will maintain all Ethereum controlled DApps, with much faster trading speed at much lower trading fees. In addition, Beryl offers multi-chain comparability.


Tokemonic Jade
Number of Tokens

Nama Token : Jadeite

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Circulating Coins : 100,000,000,000,000

Ticker : JDT

Type: BEP-20

Contract : 0xf68e57342e4e52102eb1c0dd5b1afabcca57aaee


TOTAL ALLOCATION: 10,400,000,000 JDT – 10.4%



25.000.000 JDT PER 1 BNB


24.000.000 JDT PER 1 BNB

Chapter 3

23.000.000 JDT PER 1 BNB

round 4

22.000.000 JDT PER 1 BNB

Round 5 LIVE

21.000.000 JDT PER 1 BNB


20.000.000 JDT PER 1 BNB


15.500.000 JDT PER 1 BNB

Jadeite Distribution & Tokenomics Semantics
Jadeite JDT is the base token on the Beryl Network , and has a maximum supply of 100,000,000,000 JDT

Token distribution

70% pre-set and pc

10.4% individual setting

10% advanced base

6% Initial theory group

3.6% Airdrop


3% Redistribution

3% Pool Burning Fee

3% PCS LP Feedback

1% Marketing Base

Locked Liquidity for 1 YEAR

Marketing Wallet Locked

Locked Seed Investment Pool



CONTRACT Audited by Ether Authority


Jadeite Timeline
2nd Quarter 2021

Team Settings

BSC Token Design

Tokenomics Design

V1 Website Design

Contract Verification

Start building community

Launch Marketing

Engage Prize

3rd Quarter 2021

Smart Contract Audit – Internal

White paper

Jadeite Private Sale Ongoing

Advertising Partnership

Smart Contract Audit – External Auditor

Public Presale on DxSale

Application for the Trust Wallet Logo

App for Coinecko List

Launch Android Mini Game Jadeite GemSwap

All Doxing Team

Job Board On Website

Quarter 4 2021

Marketing campaign

Register CoinMarketCap

Application to register on major exchange platforms

Launch Decentralized Exchange on Binance Chain

Expand Core Development Team

Expand Marketing Team

1st Quarter 2022

Business development strategy

Launch the second DeFi App on Binance Chain

Partnership with other communities

Partnership with other projects

V2 Website Update

Expand Core Development Team

Expand Marketing Team

2022 To be announced

Add cross-chain functionality for all products

Launch wallet – GemJar

Launch audit platform – GemLoupe

Migrate to our own blockchain – Beryl blockchain

Continuous development of all deployed products

Marketplace for Precious and Semi-Precious Gems, Stones,

Minerals and Jewelry


Decentralized Protocol

Our first DeFi app will be available in Q4 2021. Gemswap is a fully decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provisioning on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Gemswap will support a number of popular wallets, including Trust Wallet, WalletConnect, and MetaMask.

If you are familiar with other dex platforms like Pancakeswap and Uniswap, you will recognize a system where users provide liquidity to the pool and receive LP tokens (liquidity providers) in exchange.

Professional Experts

We are proud of our great team. This is one of the most motivated and enthusiastic people we have, and always ready and willing to help if needed.

Andrei Andone

Coin & Development Head

Yoda Guru

Head of Operations & Logistics

Wilson Ubong

Head of Business Development

Ike Charles

Head of Marketing & Social Media


Head of Research & Development

For more information please follow the link below:

Whitepaper :

Twitter :

Telegram :

Instagram :

Facebook :



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  Yarloo is an innovative and modern lottery platform for users all over the world.

Yarloo is a global lottery ecosystem built on transparent and decentralized blockchain technology, in which the system will be distributed on a public network, making global lottery operations more efficient and transparent. By leveraging the Blockchain technology platform as well as the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain technology features, smart contracts enable various processes, such as collecting or distributing each lottery process, to be more efficient than the traditional centralized systems currently in use. Since a platform that ensures the safety of international lotteries is their top priority, their blockchain based lottery platform also offers daily lottery draws. which covers a wide geographical area and can be followed by anyone, wherever they are. The use of smart contracts, of course,

Yarloo is a new take on the lottery gambling system that is known to everyone around the world. We feel that the current state of the lottery is quite… lacking, to say the least. It’s not fun, the risks are too high and your chances are dim. Very. Here’s an excerpt from K5: “According to the USA Lottery, the odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot are 1 in 302.6 million and the odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are 1 in 292.2 million. Combine the two and the odds of winning both jackpots for over a billion dollars go to 1 in 88 quadrillion. That’s 88 followed by 15 zeros.

But with the current advancement of the crypto space, we at Yarloo feel that something can be done to revolutionize lottery systems around the world, and to make it much more fun, give people a much higher chance of winning, create a much more flexible jackpot pool, and introduced the NFT card set as the core function behind the ticket. Also the fun aspect of making the whole project theme revolve around pirates!

Through this methodology, we believe that, while lotteries give people a very small chance of winning, encrypting the system, wrapping it with fun games and money-making features for those who don’t want to risk too much will potentially change the whole shape. the lottery industry, and that’s the clear end game for us at Yarloo.

About Yarloo

Yarloo is another translation of the lottery betting structure circulating for everyone around the world. We feel that the current status of the lottery is very weak, no doubt about it. It’s terrible, the risks are too high and the returns you imagine are weak. However, with the current advancement of the crypto space, we at Yarloo feel there is something very likely to change the structure of lotteries around the world, and to make it more fun, allow people to essentially have a higher chance of winning, creating a much larger treasure pool. versatile, and introduced the NFT card set as the center line on the back of the ticket. Likewise the great part of making the whole subject of the business revolve around privateers!

Through this methodology, we recognize that, while lotteries allow people essentially little chance of winning, encrypting that structure, wrapping it up with fun games and parts that are beneficial to the individual that may not do much harm will potentially change the overall state of the lottery. industry, and it was the undeniable end game for us at Yarloo.

How It Works

At Yarloo, you really need to check out a wide range of financially supportive activities, including, not limited to:

– Solo Lottery Jackpot

– Team Lottery Jackpot

– Fortune Spinner

– NFT Trade Center

– Yarloo Wallet (to check and exchange our tokens)

– Game Arcade

– DeFi Lending and Lending System

As can be seen, Yarloo offers various ways to handle our original lottery system, and to profit through different styles and approaches. Use our lucky spinner to check if you can assemble another amazing card that expands your possibilities. Is it correct to say that you are an inventor who has accumulated a large number of critical cards over time? The trading center is yours for the taking, and from a genuine perspective there is no risk at all as you are only selling your cards. If you are not as lucky as the cards and don’t want to face high difficulty, then of course, stamping is your best method.

We are different

What makes Yarloo unprecedented, however, is the means that it uses the NFT system, making it the standard engine behind entry tickets. Since you want to play, you have to go in by designing a certain game plan from the cards you have. Joining cards on a regular basis can give you unprecedented characteristics, depending on the uniqueness and type of the card, and the similarity features it has to the various cards you can guarantee. Cards are your ticket to travel, and they’re the only way you can go all out to win big bets.

To enter using cards, there is a certain fee to be put into the pool to add to the awesome prizes, but at that time you will be allowed to deal 5 cards only from your set, following them for the best results. which will create the results you might imagine. If your strategy goes great, you might get a gold mine, and congratulations on everything.

Products and Features

Yarloo will be filled with cool settings that will be very useful to everyone, and as we progress later we will start to include more, and analyzing it with our environment, we can see what else is imaginable in Yarloo.

– RST :  Yarloo is the first task in the world to carry out the development known as “Pay Sharing Token”, which allows the surrounding environment to get 30% of Yarloo’s profits to serve the organic framework in which it is produced.

– NFT :  We are also an important lottery project in crypto history to use NFT cards as your guide segment ticket system in any pool! This concludes instead of buying tickets, your tickets are tended by the cards you use in your lottery pool.

– DeFi :  You will have the option of financially benefiting from Yarloo due to DeFi’s diverse structure, essentially by allowing you to earn 2% of the pool profit if you are the creator, and by leveraging it from our natural RST framework if you hold enough $YARL.


Yarloo has a native token launched under the name YARL which will be integrated on the platform. The YARL token will be launched on the Binance Network with the BEP-20 protocol and will be used primarily for transactions, rewards and bets. Later users can exchange YARL tokens on the exchange platform directly to other cryptos with ease. To be able to earn YARL tokens, users can purchase YARL tokens on supported websites or exchanges.

our cards are not very complicated. There will be 5 types of cards, ranked from bottom to top as:

These 5 types of cards have very different functions and values. For example, small cards only give 1 ticket per card, due to their low value, and Bronze cards give 2 tickets per card, but both have no special attributes and cannot be paired with other cards.

Allocation token

  • Seed Investors & IDOs: 30%
  • Holder: 25%
  • Repurchase: 20%
  • LP Provider: 15%
  • Wheel of Fortune/Rewards Pool: 10%


Q3 2021:

  • Funding Round Conclusion
  • 3-5 Sets of Launch Cards
  • Alpha Wallet
  • Pass Alpha

Q4 2021:

  • Wheel of Fortune Release
  • Lottery Platform Launch
  • Bridging $YARL to the new network
  • First CEX List
  • 5-8 New Card Set
  • Fusion System Testing
  • Governance features for $YARL holders
  • Updated Light Paper

Q1 2022:

  • Wander around the Seven Oceans!
  • We will continue to update our roadmap depending on new introductions, games we announce, and more. For now, *only information about this year’s Q3 and Q4 is available.

Learn more:





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Koinomo $KMO- World’s First Digital Asset Management Fund


The cryptocurrency industry is still in its infancy, therefore it currently offers a great opportunity to invest before mainstream adoption occurs, increasing the chances of high returns at a later date. One of the main ways to increase the value of your Bitcoin holdings is through trading, which is something that requires 

time, patience and a lot of experience. Trading is not an easy task, especially in crypto. One needs to collect a lot of small pieces of information and analyze it in order to be successful. Trading requires searching, roaming, reviews, cross-checking, and so on. The Koinomo Fund was developed to address this problem.

What is the Koinomo Fund?

Koinomo is a platform for the future of fund management using smart contracts based on blockchain technology. Koinomo aims to have the most effective and efficient Funds so that users have the best experience in one place. Koinomo is a Decentralized Asset Management & Investment Fund Built on the Binance Smart Chain.

Koinomo Fund Mission

Koinomo is focused on revolutionizing the way we earn passive income in Crypto with the creation of the world’s most technologically advanced blockchain Fund. Koinomo’s network and experience delivers unrivaled services to keep you and your finances ahead of the financial industry and thus the world.

Just invest your Bitcoin holdings into the Koinomo fund and they will professionally invest and trade your capital between different assets. The fund is continuously managed and new coins are constantly being researched to give investors the best return on investment.

Koinomo Fund Features

  1. Decentralized Bitcoin Wallet: To create an account with Koinomo, you just need to create your own bitcoin wallet using 12 random seed keys that link your account to your computer and are backed by 8 -21 key passwords.
  2. Full Protective Security: Koinomo has taken several steps to ensure a safe ecosystem for investors’ Funds by using Cold storage wallets to keep investors’ Digital Assets in custody.
  3. KOINOMO Monthly FUND Performance: At the end of every month, Koinomo is required to publish the fund index performance showing daily trading activity and profit/loss for each trading day.
  4. One-click withdrawals: Investors are not tied to any time frame for their investment which means they can withdraw any time of the day from Koinomo FUND to their Koinomo wallet.
  5. No Withdrawal Fees/ No hidden fees: Koinomo does not charge any withdrawal fees other than 8:2 profit share (BTC investors) and 9:1 profit share ($KMO investors).
  6. 24/7 Online Support: Koinomo will provide Live Chat around the clock on Telegram website & community for investors if any help is needed regarding their Investment with Koinomo.

How Does Koinomo Work?


To become an investor in KOINOMO Fund, you must first visit Once there you navigate to the signup button which is also known as “Start Investing”.

After you deposit your funds into the Koinomo wallet. Koinomo manages investor funds through several positions, both long and short strategies.

54.5% of the portfolio is allocated for short-term strategies through the trading desk, where Koinomo will carry out regular trades in a number of BTC to fiat and BTC to crypto pairs.

Another 45.5% hold BTC reserves, a safe haven in a safe and secure cold wallet.

KOINOMO calculates all profits in USDT, which means that once your Bitcoins are invested, our goal is to increase the FIAT Value of your bitcoins even when the market is bearish.

If you deposit 1 BTC at the current price of $38,000, Koinomo’s mandate is to increase that amount of FIAT and Bitcoin even in bearish markets or cycles through trading and investing. If the bitcoin price drops to $32,000, our fund generates an average of 15% at the end of the month which gives you a profit of $5,700 plus $38,000 equals $43,700.

Profit Distribution Process – All profits will be divided in a ratio of 2:8 where KOINOMO takes 20% and investors take 80%. Your account balance will be recalculated and updated every 24 hours.

Investments made in Koinomo’s native token, namely KMO, will have more profit sharing, which is 9:1. Investors share 90% profit and 10% Shares by Koinomo.

When a loss occurs, the value of the loss will be distributed among the investors in proportion to the level of their respective investment in the fund. The loss will then be updated in the account in the same way as the gain.

What is Koinomo Token (KMO)?

The KOINOMO token or “KMO” token is a free-floating asset based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), with its own monetary policy. KMO acts as the native currency of the Koinomo ecosystem.

The biggest advantage of KMO tokens is that if investors choose to invest in Koinomo funds through KMO tokens, they have a larger profit share of 9:1, which means 90% of the profits will go to investors if they choose to invest through KMO tokens. This will help grow the Koinomo ecosystem.

Pre-Sales & Value

KOINOMO token will be released based on BSC Network on PancakeSwap. It’s token compatibility with third party service wallets, exchanges etc, and provides easy-to-use integration.

  • Start: September 9, 2021 (09:00 GMT)
  • Ends: September 16, 2021 (11:00 GMT)
  • Acceptable currency: BNB
  • Number of tokens sold: 4,000,000 KMO (40%)
  • Token Presale Price: 1 BNB = 2100 KMO
  • Minimum transaction amount: 0.3 BNB

Initial Token Distribution


Allocation of Sales Results



Token Name: Koinomo

Token Ticker: KMO

Application: Binance Smart Chain

Full-scale supply: 10,000,000 KMO

Advantages of ICO Tokens

After the IDO deal, tokens will be sent over the air and dissipated to our holders which will be used as money for our decentralized blockchain storage.


Facebook :
Instagram :
Linkedin :
Reddit :
Medium :
YouTube :
Benang Bounty BTT :

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PolkaParty is the best DeFi service

Have you ever gotten frustrated in crypto when you couldn’t make the same “profit” as your friends, colleagues or even next door neighbors, because of your inability to understand all these DeFi terms!?

PolkaParty is made for you, as this platform allows users to get access to all DeFi features (swapping, liquidity provisioning, yield farming, NFT, etc) just by joining one party! 

Our goal   is to create an easy-to-use and user-friendly experience that allows anyone to enter the party, chat with members, and be rewarded for group efforts. We’ve found in our research that there are growing barriers to entry to understanding the technicalities of using certain DeFi features. 

Our solution   was to create a platform that allows anyone to create or join a party with friends, family and most importantly DeFi veterans, navigating a landscape of endless profits from smart decisions. You will no longer be frustrated with DeFiety (DeFi-Anxiety), or FOMO being a bad move for not knowing what to do, because you will be able to research, chat and vote with your peers!

PolkaParty aims to create a profitable DIY DAO (Party) service designed as a convenient path for all participating “party” members to raise their funds for various financial activities and features. We designed our platform with your grandmother in mind to bring technical aspects like unification to the masses. Have you ever dreamed of running your own venture capital fund? PolkaParty provides a never-before-seen platform to join your friends and make real waves in the market. Not only will you compete for sweet profits, but we aim to create a competitive environment that rewards the most loyal and passionate parties.

PolkaParty is the best DeFi service


PolkaParty is made for you, because this platform allows users to get access to all the features of DeFi just by joining one party!

Read our entire documentation to learn more about PolkaParty, it’s tokennomics and governance system.

Voting model

Parties will consist of members, whose personal wallets are integrated with party wallets.

Depending on the criteria the party set when it was created, the party will consist of members who have voting rights and some who do not.


POLP is PolkaParty’s governance token and the main catalyst behind most of the platform’s products and features.

POLP hosts get access to all kinds of fun goodies including Season Passes, Exclusive NFTs, Hyped Pre-Sales, Revenue KickBacks and more.

Why Polka Party?

PolkaParty aims to expand the capital barriers that are set indiscriminately for active communities. The idea that individual retail investors will no longer suffer from the drastic drop in the price of public token sales, but instead can participate in seed & private sales by having the right capital in devoting themselves to early stage projects.

The reason comes from external wallet addresses that can contractually link their respective wallets to multi-faceted party wallets, controlled by internal party members (linked wallet addresses).

Beyond the aspect of creating a unique decentralized venture capital “fund”, in the nature of a DAO, there are many other related activities that parties can engage in if they get the required votes from party members.

The ultimate goal of the entire PolkaParty experience is to allow all users to be easily integrated into the entire DeFi ecosystem, without having to understand a lot of the technicalities of decentralized finance. Our belief is to create an easy-to-understand user journey, as individuals will have the opportunity to chat, research and immerse themselves in their respective groups with more experienced personalities, who understand the formalities of the more profitable methods in crypto.

Polkaparty Features

  • Yield Farming — A   dedicated party for produce farming will be available on PolkaParty where a regulated wallet will supply liquidity. This allows users to share a greater reward when farming together than if they farmed alone.
  • Loans —   PolkaParty will allow users to borrow funds from parties without withdrawing their investment. Users will have access to funds without affecting their credit scores, with more flexible payment options, as well as instant approval for secured loans.
  • Crowdfunding —   Crowdfunding on PolkaParty will be available to allow users to connect with each other through tokens and projects with similar interests. This feature will be beneficial to engage with the community and share a greater return on investment.
  • ICO Launchpad —   PolkaParty will showcase upcoming ICO projects and allow them to create parties to join and help increase liquidity to fund them, as it becomes a popular choice for new projects to raise capital through crypto launches.
  • Property Investment Pools — Investment pools   are a great way to bring real investment into the crypto world reducing barriers to entry into the property market. It will also allow people around the world to invest in property in countries they may have never had access to before.

How Does PolkaParty Work?

  • Parties will consist of members, whose personal wallets are integrated into the party wallet.
  • Depending on the criteria set by the party, the parties will consist of voting and non-voting members.
  • Wallet addresses with voting power will eventually be able to provide party guidance with voting actions
  • HouseKeys are generated for all users creating parties (Public or Private), through which users can join parties seamlessly on the main dashboard within the PolkaParties Portal.
  • HouseKey is required to sign a smart contract, so your wallet will be integrated into the party wallet.
  • PolkaParty has built a time interval based model that allows created parties to allow Partygoers to withdraw funds within a set timeframe.
  • From the action of the party, the user will be given a Daily, Monthly or Yearly + Withdrawal Time Sequence, to withdraw the profits back to the personal wallet.
  • Penalty for early withdrawal of funds before the distribution interval for party members.

Polkaparty Governance fund action in 4 models.

  1. Democracy — Democratic   parties are used to equalize and manage a group regardless of who, where, and how many. Democratic parties are straightforward, everyone gets the same vote. Democrats use multisign wallets as a form of governance where every registered, active address is entitled to a transaction confirmation sent to EVM. This is one of the most technically basic forms of party government.
  2. Weighted Democracy —   The Weighted Democracy Model aims to provide an alternative solution to funding governance. In this model, the user has a vested interest in a party and can track their Party Power percentage. Simply put, the higher the proportion of parties a partygoer has, the more power he has over the governing vote. Technically, party weights can be compared to LP pools. The more pools you have, the higher the percentage of your payouts, prizes and party benefits.
  3. Monarchy —   Monarchy is the simplest and most risky type of party. Here at PolkaParty, believing in decentralization and equality, with this in mind, allow a Party to be created that gives all Party governments to one purse, the King.
  4. Republic — The   Republic changes the game not only because of its ability to manage funds in an untrustworthy manner, but because it is the most efficient way to validate transactions or decisions of individuals within a small group (such as a board of directors) representing a larger entity. This is the most efficient model because it only requires the full attention of some parties. This governance model is the pinnacle of PolkaParty’s innovation as it allows a representative body to create and manage their own funds. PolkaParty is very focused on creating a universal experience in allocating funds appropriately and adequately for large investments.

Kickback PolkaParty

Kickback is an IDO event held every three months for early-stage projects launched on the PolkaParty platform. This early-stage project will soon receive verified parties on PolkaParty, get priority promotions on the platform for short-term token launches, as well as for long-term product features.

Harvest farm party

Yield farming with joint funds can be more beneficial than farming alone. In short, yield farming protocols incentivize liquidity providers (LPs) to stake or lock their crypto assets in smart contract-based liquidity pools. Many liquidity-related pools take into account factors such as time and amount staked. Therefore, it might be a good idea to find a LP provider instead of lending it yourself. Polkaparty provides a mutually beneficial relationship for this farming platform as a larger amount of liquidity will be provided.

Social Council

This Social Council will outline the competitive ranking of each party, as well as the party’s categorical growth in funds, members, activities. The platform will begin to grow organically in volume, users and overall activity, as well as competitive associations with each party. It is important to take advantage of this competitive spirit of Partygoers, as members will take great pride in their personal relationships with popular and well-liked parties. This distinct quality is the reason for Social Council, the exclusive dashboard for Partygoers to have fully accessible data based on the ranking, funding and growth of the most important parties on the platform.

PolkaParty Gifts & Gifts

After the collection of the daily distribution fee, the total amount that has been collected will be paid back to the user, up to 50% of the total daily distribution fee collected on the platform, which stakes the POLP on the platform. If the volume & number of trades increases on each side, the bonus/payment of holding the POLP will also increase.

What are Polkaparty POLP tokens?

POLP is PolkaParty’s governance token and the main catalyst behind most of the platform’s products and features. All protocol management decisions are made by the POLP holder: from new products to asset rebalancing, strategy and integration. POLP allows its holders to take control of their financial future. 


  • Nama Token:   POLP  
  • Total Supply:   200,000,000
  • Private Sale:   500,000 (20 million Tokens)
  • Public Sale:   250,000 (781 NFT) (7.81 million tokens)
  • Private Selling:   $0.025
  • POLP at launch:   $0.032


Polaparty, where you, your friends and family can all share a wallet with customizable built-in governance. As a collective, you can all be part of the big decisions that involve what coins you want to invest in or when you feel the time is right to sell. Polkaparty also has a leaderboard system set up with weekly prizes for whichever side has the most profits based on their percentage.

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BSCBOMB was one of the first cryptocurrencies to use BuyBack automatically.


BSCBOMB is a hyper-deflation token that rewards investors for owning the token & also includes the BuyBack approach currently found on the stock market. BSCBOMB was one of the first cryptocurrencies to use automatic BuyBack.

BSCBOMB – True Proprietary Hyper Deflationary Token with Intellectual Buyback Mechanism

BSCBOMB token holders benefit through static rewards as well as through the automatic Buyback mechanism built into the contract.

BSCBOMB — True Proprietary Hyper Deflationary Token with Intellectual Buyback Mechanism

BSCBOMB token holders benefit through static rewards as well as through the automatic Buyback mechanism built into the contract.

When the Buy Back function is activated, the contract automatically buys back and burns tokens after each sale.


BSCBOMB token holders benefit not only from static rewards, but also from the buyback process under the contract. As part of the buyback process, the contract takes care of buying back some tokens & burning them on every sale. In short, 98% of the time you won’t see 2 sells at the same time, & you’ll never see 3 sells in a row.

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Why BuyBack?

If a stock is low in value & potential — to improve it in the future, companies often announce share buybacks on the open market. Once a company announces a buyback, investors are more confident in buying and holding. In addition — demand increases, which will eventually lead to price increases. At BSCBOMB, we decided to apply the buyback concept to cryptocurrencies and make our tokens more attractive to hold.


because BSCBOMB charges 6% repurchase tax on every transaction & accumulates it in the contract. Whenever a sale occurs, a portion of the ransom amount is used to automatically purchase tokens from the liquidity pool. These tokens are burned immediately after purchase.

What’s good about it?

There are 3 advantages:

1. Increase value

○   After buying a token from the pool of liquidity, BNB new number is added to the pool and the number of tokens to decline, leading to an increase in price.

2. Free BNB

When these tokens are burned, it is like adding free BNB to the pool because there are no tokens left for sale in the future.

3. Trust and reliability

Investors can be merciless indecision & are often intimidated by bear markets.

Through automatic repurchases, investors will never see more than two consecutive sales. (98% cases)

Bonus benefits for holders

4% reward is redistributed on every transaction

Join a network of trusted investors who believe in Buyback contracts and understand the growth potential of this vision.

Once investors see the code is working and contracts are automatically bought after every sale, they will feel more confident to invest and keep it.

INITIAL OFFER — 1,000,000,000,000,000 BSCBOMBDOMPET DEV — 1%COMMUNITY — 4.5%PERSONAL SALES — 9%GENERAL SALES — 45%PANCAKESWAP — 40,5%Based on an algorithmic money market system designed to provide a fully decentralized lending & lending system based on the Binance Smart Chain

Affiliate Program

Contribute to the community!

Great opportunity to earn money for everyone!
If you have a lot of friends or have a personal video blog, Instagram, Telegram channel, or Twitter — any source of traffic from people interested in cryptocurrencies — then you are not wasted here!

Tax details
4% prize for holders
3% marketing tax
Buyback Tax 6%
Slip: 14%
We present you the list of DAPPS that the BSCBOMB team is working on:

Launch BOMB
Decentralized Launchpad with ability to participate & make your own Public Sale

Decentralized Locker for custom tokens & Liquidity Providers (LP)

Decentralized Trading Platform for exchange, betting, farming & ability to participate & make Initial Farm Offers (IFO)

Decentralized NFT marketplace for digital artists & digital art connoisseurs

Apps on iOS & Android to store crypto assets and interact with Decentralized Applications (DAPP)

Based on an algorithmic money market system designed to provide a fully decentralized lending & lending system based on the Binance Smart Chain


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