the most perfect cryptocurrency mining in the world

INMINING  can enable all users who are interested in participating in industrial-scale Bitcoin mining while not having to shop for instrumentation dear or be part of a mining cluster. The project is targeted around Russia’s largest information center, which can be built as the Alabuga Special Economic Zone. As a resident of SEZ, INMINING can get pleasure from vital sides, which can provide a large competitive advantage and maximize the benefits of its mining.

Even though the Bitcoin market expansion has come in Q2 2019 after a prolonged decline, the Bitcoin company still faces many challenges. Increased energy costs, lack of technical competence, low profit margins, high taxes, increased pressure from the authorities, lack of locations with mandatory infrastructure – all of these problems cause some mining companies to fail and close.

INMINING  can solve all the problems listed higher than because of the unique location and resolution of the technology chosen. Very low electricity costs in the Alabuga KEK (only $ zero 0.25 per kWh), in addition to the reserve tax and customs, can change the project to maximize profits.

The latest issue
in  Bitcoin mining

  • Strict rules

Authorities from many countries are considering a full ban on  mining  for both companies and individuals. In particular, mining will soon be banned in China, which holds more than half of the  world’s mining hashrate  .

  • Lack of infrastructure

Mining companies need separate and secure areas; 24/7 access; professional technical support; and much more.

  • High energy costs

Some jurisdictions can offer affordable electricity and the measurable access needed to build a  successful mining operation  .

  • Excessive taxation

Tax often takes up most of the profits.

The INMINING solution
This project provides effective solutions to all major problems that interfere with the large mining business.

Alabuga Special Economic Zone is one of Europe’s top locations for launching large industrial projects. Thanks to the special train terminal, equipment can be sent directly to the location. Data center security will be guaranteed by fenced areas, professional security personnel, and internal firefighters.
Affordable energy
This site provides a total of 350 MW of power (of which 30% is not currently used) and free services that connect production to electricity.

INMINING tax exemption will be exempt from land, property and transportation taxes for 10 years. In addition, the Alabuga Special Economic Zone region is considered a free customs area.

At the same time, BitFury mining solutions that play an important role can guarantee the most potential mining potential related to industrial scale.

This project can generate prices that are distributed among token holders, because it links innovative lottery models that allow part of mining profits among users. Another part of the profits is reinvested in new mining instrumentation to complete the reductions that can be made in the future level of profit margins. but another part of the profit is allocated to shop back INMG tokens on the open market then burn them to maintain long-term token stability.

Bitcoin Mining: The
dynamics and trends of 2019 mark the tenth anniversary of Bitcoin. More than a decade, its value grew by an element of two million. market capitalization increased twenty times compared to 2013. Bitcoin is listed on more than four hundred exchanges, in addition to 1500 altcoin and tokens.

Mining Operations
INMINING data center will use hardware such as BlockBox AC from Bitfury. This will allow easy scaling with a minimum step of 1.2 MW, minimization of capital investment, and quick launch and regulation.

Top-level productivity

The BlockBox AC cellular data center consists of 176 air-cooled servers with a total hashrate of 14 PH / s.

Innovation & scalability

BlockBox AC is one of the most powerful yet inexpensive solutions available in the global Bitcoin mining market.


AC BlockBox data center is a comprehensive and packaging solution that can be positioned in any geographic location.


24-hour monitoring and technical support provided for BlockBox AC guarantees maximum productivity and fast problem resolution.

Remote performance monitoring

BlockBox AC owners can remotely monitor hardware using a browser interface or a mobile application.

Next generation technology

BlockBox AC data centers can be easily upgraded by replacing only the necessary components.

Current challenges in the mining trade
Although the hash rate network is growing, some mining has come to an end that was closed. most of the reasons behind the failure squares measure low profits and actions by the authorities.

INMINING has the next blessing on competitors of this type:
Lower electricity costs:
Although cloud mining agriculture sometimes settles in countries where energy is relatively low cost (for example, China, Iceland, Sweden, Georgia), they still cannot compete with INMINING at only $ zero025 per kWh.

But sales are not contracts, tokens, associates plus that have their own value:
Cloud mining customers must first pay hard and fast contract values ​​(from $ zero zero for ten GH / sec) then daily management fees without receiving anything. assets reciprocally. INMINING members, on the other hand, will not only get the right to ask for half in the lottery and win some Bitcoin strips that are mined by the project, however, they will also receive tokens which they will lose freely.

Possibility to look for obstacles at any time:
INMIN tokens are free in the market not only in all sales tokens but also afterwards, on cryptocurrency exchanges. Likewise, the World Health Organization association needs to be an INMINING member to be intimate anytime. Cloud mining suppliers often stop commercialism of Bitcoin contracts once they do not have free mining instrumentation on the market.

Business model
The main feature of the INMINING business model is the innovative profit distribution mechanism. All Bitcoin mined and revenue from sales will be allocated as follows:

Electricity costs and other overhead costs
Re-investment in new mining hardware – 50% of profits
Buy INMG by further burning – 15% of
Lottery profits among token holders – 35% of profits.
Every month, INMINING will buy back a small portion of INMG on the crypto exchange and burn it.

This procedure will have several positive effects:

Maintaining long-term token stability
Increase liquidity and trading volume
Motivate INMG holders to maintain their tokens, which will add stability.
Benefits of container mining solutions:
Minimal costs
Fast delivery to site
Quick launch and setup
Function without interruption even in difficult conditions
Protection from rain, snow and bad weather
Ease of use
Remote monitoring and management
Enterprise class quality
Easy upgrades
Environmentally friendly
Simple design
INMG Tokens – Key Key Facts
: ERC20
Token Distribution: within 10 days after the completion of the initial token sale
Register token on the crypto exchange: December 2019
Additional emissions: No
INMG Token is not considered a security, investment asset or financial derivative. Register on the crypto exchange: immediately after the completion of the sale of tokens.
Please note that US citizens and residents (tax or otherwise) are prohibited from buying, selling, or transferring INMG tokens. Prospective buyers from other countries and jurisdictions must first ensure that the purchase of INMG tokens is legal and permitted in their jurisdiction.
Initial token offer – the main facts

Ticker: INMG
Standard: ERC20
Decimal: 18
Total emissions: 150,000,000 INMG
Minimum purchase amount: $ 100
Payment method when buying on the exchange: BTC
Token Allocation:

75% –
Team token sales – 15% of all tokens sold but not more than 15% of total emissions
Campaign prizes – 8% of all tokens sold but not more than 5% of total emissions
Budget allocation:

85% – Mining, installing and installing hardware, land rent, infrastructure
13% – Overhead, including marketing
2% – Other costs (including legal fees)
Road map

Q1 2019:
Begin preparations for data center construction; team formation; negotiations with representatives of the Alabuga Special Economic Zone.
Q2 2019:
Mine choice of hardware manufacturers, formation of marketing partnerships, work on white papers and tokenomics, white papers audited.
Q3 2019:
Marketing campaign, launch of the prize campaign, starting from a closed presale.
Q4 2019:
Main public round, token distribution, register at the first crypto exchange, start data center construction, purchase of mining hardware, team expansion.
Q1 2020:
Payment and shipping of AC BlockBox, installation and setup, data center launch, work on interfaces for lottery and polling.
Q2 2020:
First income, listing on five other crypto exchanges, lottery testing and selection procedures.
Q3 2020:
Lottery and first poll.
Q4 2020:
The first buyback-and-burn round.
Q1 2021:
Purchase and launch of other mining modules.

Tim Inmining  

Important information and disclaimers

The aim of the  current official report  is to bring   INMINING   – an innovative industrial-scale Bitcoin mining project – to potential buyers who wish to enter the INMINING community   in connection with the proposed token offer. The information contained in the white paper has the sole purpose of providing prospective buyers with detailed and relevant   information   so that they can decide whether they should carry out further analysis of the project and perhaps obtain their tokens.

For more information, click the link below:

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