2ether the platform creates an innovative space for the launch of IEO

Ethereum is a conversion currency. The supply continues to grow, and there is no maximum limit on ETH supply. It’s the same as any fiat currency, actually. There may be a number of USD issued because the US government wants to print. By the way, the situation is very different from Bitcoin, where the upper limit is set at 21 million BTC – and no more BTC will be mined from this point. The difference between the USD and the change in ETH is that the new ether is mined according to an algorithm. At any given time, you can calculate the new ETH will count in the main chain within the next 24 hours, weeks, or months. For example, currently the block prize is 2 ETH per block, and the average block time is 20 seconds. So around 6 new ETHs are created every minute, 6 * 60 = 360 ETH every hour, and 360 * 24 = 8640 ETH every 24 hours. 2Ether is a new digital coin based on the Ethereum blockchain. Unlike ERC20 tokens, this is a fully independent cryptocurrency – with its own blockchain, mining incentives, and so on. It fully supports smart contracts written in Solidity and is compatible with Ethereum dApps.
We aim to choose the best community ideas and bring them to life, building a framework in which the most promising miners, developers and infrastructure projects can develop. 
What’s so special about 2Ether?Using new data analysis algorithms, we gather the best insights, improvement proposals, and startups. Thanks to 2Ether, you can launch IEO and get funding for your idea in just two days. Challenges and solutions2 Nobody promises non-challenging transfer speeds or instant transfers to proof of ownership and other technologies that don’t yet exist. Instead, we offer solutions to real network problems and use cases that are easy to implement.Problem

  • • Block gifts for miners continue to decrease
  • • IEO fundraising is too expensive & unreliable
  • • Audit services available have a low quality / price ratio
  • • Most of the funds raised are spent on listings, not development


  • • Dynamic and specific rewards for missions
  • • Automatic IEO platform with direct registers
  • • Free smart contract audits and free crowdsourced AI
  • • Default decentralized exchange with zero registration fee 

Innovative features2Ether provides a convenient low-cost launchpad for startups that promises and appreciates all users who benefit from the network.
Real to be used in real world businessThe key to 2Ether’s market strategy is to build partnerships with global and regional crypto payment gateways and online businesses – eCommerce stores, game platforms, crowdfunding sites, and so on.Free audit of smart contractsFor projects that prepare IEO, smart contract auditing is an important step. Send audits to potential investors for their secure funds. Unfortunately, blockchain agencies require huge costs for contract audits – and don’t always provide reliable results.Full IEO automationThe initial exchange offer has replaced ICO as the preferred fundraising method. Unfortunately, that quickly turned into an industry. Large exchanges cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to launch IEO – and do not guarantee success.2 other DEXWe have designed 2EtherDEX to get the best of both worlds. It offers fully automated on-chain order execution and protection against bullets against hacker attacks. 

Details About ET2 Tokens

  • Symbol:   ET2
  •  Blockchain  :  2Ether (originally from Ethereum)
  • Decimal:   18
  • Mining algorithm:   Proof of work with incentives for CPU / GPU miners
  • Average block time:   60 seconds
  • Block reward:   first set at 5 ET2 per block, then dynamically starting from block 388 800 (about 9 months after launch)
  • Platform governance:   decentralized
  • Maximum total supply:   18e14 ET2
  • Pre-mining:   will correspond to the number of ETHs owned by the private blockchain address, as revealed by the network snapshot on December 2, 2019, at 20:00 GMT. The amount will be equal to the total amount of ether in circulation (up to 120 million ETH) – or around 0.0016% of the total maximum supply. A small amount of additional coins will be pre-mined to give prizes to campaign members and to make development funds for the project.
  • Pre-mined ET2 distribution:   airdrop for Ethereum holders (95%), prizes (1%), reserve funds (4%).
  • Ethereum network snapshot date:   December 2, 2019, at 20:00 GMT
  • Airdrop start date:  Airdrop terms and conditions: to receive free ET2 coins, enough to store ETH in any personal wallet, such as MEW, MetaMask, etc. On December 2, 2019, at 20:00 GMT, a portrait of the entire Ethereum Network will be taken to form a list of all private blockchain addresses that hold any ether. These addresses will qualify for airdrops. Users who store ETH in the exchange wallet will not receive ET2 unless they transfer their ether to a personal wallet just before the photo. For every ETH held by the user, 1 ET2 will be air-dropped. That does not mean exchange or conversion, of course: airdrop is absolutely free. By saying that someone receives 1 ET2 for each ETH, it means that the amount of ether in the wallet is used only for calculation purposes.

Details about ET2 tokens 

  • Symbol: ET2
  • Blockchain: 2Ether (originally from Ethereum)
  • Decimal: 18
  • Mining algorithm: Proof of work with incentives for CPU / GPU miners
  • Average block time: 60 seconds 

Details about ET2 tokensSymbol: ET2Blockchain: 2Ether (originally from Ethereum)Decimal number: 18Mining algorithm: Working evidence with incentives for CPU / GPU minersAverage blocking time: 60 secondsstreet petals2019Q2 2019Build teams & ideasQ3 2019Planning and coding forksQ4 2019Start a network and pricing campaign2020Q1 2020Starting from the expulsion that was centralizedQ2 20202Ether Wallet 2.0 release and gateway integrationQ3 2020Introduction to CrowdsourcedSmart contract auditsQ4 2020The first implementation of the IEO and IEO platforms2021Q1 2021AI algorithm for audit contracts completedQ2 2021AI-based contract review and IEO evaluationCONCLUSIONWe will continue to ask 2 for others to be more useful.2Ether tokens and Think Academy courses are decentralized.2Ether makes the process more accessible. Earn money while studying# 2Lebih lanjut #Fork #Blockchain #Ethereum # CryptocurrencyFor more information, see the official project link below:Website –  https: ///2ether.com/Twitter –  https://twitter.com/2Ether_Dispute –  https://discord.gg/TuqG4pyFacebook –  https://www.facebook.com/2Ether/Reddit –  https://www.reddit.com/user/2EtherMedium –  https://medium.com/@2etherTeletype –  https://teletype.in/@2etherTelegram –  https://t.me/ether2supportTelegram Chat –  https://t.me/blockchain_2etherlink: : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2646053

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