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A platform that allows users to invest in multiple crypto currencies simultaneously.

Created by Artificial Intelligence, SOREX is an automated broker application that uses a combination of mathematically extrapolated polynomials, as well as a pre-trained time series prediction neural network, to accurately predict the evolution of the top 300 cryptocurrencies, as well as invest for you automatically.

The concept originates from a group of cryptotraders who have been trading in the financial markets for many years and successfully applied their knowledge and experience to the cryptocurrency market, using various trading strategies to achieve their goals.

SOREX is intended to be an alternative method of trading cryptocurrencies in a safe and profitable way, as opposed to traditional methods. This software requires no technical knowledge to operate, and is very easy to use. The only thing required is registration and deposit of funds, after which SOREX will take care of the rest.

How it works

Risk Free Value Fund (RFV), Buy & Sell Fee

A portion of the buying and selling costs help maintain Sorex Treasury earnings. 5-10% of trading volume is diverted to Sorex Treasury, to help control the distribution of the Sorex Autostaking Protocol.

Staking Rewards, SRX Token

Compounds automatically with treasury backed currencies with intrinsic value.

Program Auto Burning Program

it starts with 10 million $SRX reserved exclusively for incineration purposes and will increase over time. In order not to become a pump and dump program, we will perform combustion operations linearly and automatically. Every week, 2-4% of the total supply will be burned. This percentage will grow over the weeks.

Because we rely on the artificial intelligence of our trading robots to get all the work done, we are able to offer our services at a lower cost than any other cryptocurrency trading service available. SOREX will not charge you a commission, but will take a small portion of your profits as a fee from your trades. This makes sense because our goal is to help you grow to your full potential!

Sorex emerged as a result of our development team’s efforts to find ways to integrate artificial intelligence into the world of finance. In our research, we found that the cryptocurrency market is an excellent place to start because, despite being relatively new, it is one of the most volatile markets available, meaning that the data is highly chaotic and unpredictable.

People like you, who have no previous experience in trading or investing in cryptocurrencies, are the target audience for Sorex, which is designed to be a simple and hassle-free tool to help you get started in this fast-growing market.

Sorex is an automated broker application managed by Artificial Intelligence that uses a combination of mathematical extrapolation polynomials and a pre-trained time series prediction neural network to predict the evolution of the top 300 cryptocurrencies with high accuracy. Sorex is managed by a research team at the University of California, Berkeley.

A SOREX subscription is a type of investment plan that allows you to start earning more passive income right away with little or no effort on your part. For the first time, SOREX will automatically analyze, predict time series and invest in the top 300 cryptocurrencies for you!

At SOREX, we invest in the top 300 cryptocurrencies autonomously, ensuring that we always outperform the market at any given time. Lastly, we offer automated applications whose algorithms identify and execute highly profitable trades. Next, you have the option to decide whether to follow our recommendations or not by providing your own algorithm that predicts price evolution.

We are a group of highly motivated and skilled entrepreneurs in their fields. After successfully building, developing and improving SOREX, we are pleased to give you the opportunity to invest with us.

It’s completely free to open a SOREX account and take advantage of the best artificial intelligence based financial technology.

With our plans, you can invest money, become an investor and make money at the same time. We provide three investment plans with predictable returns. We are the Sorex Platform for you. Invest the funds you have now and in the future your own trading opportunities.

Look no further than Sorex Platform if you are looking for a reliable and profitable investment platform. Trust asset management of the highest caliber is provided by our company based on foreign exchange and profitable trading through exchange of funds.


Sorex is a platform that makes it easy to create your own digital currency, asset or utility token in an instant. The platform also provides staking and masternode services to enable more people around the world who do not have access to crypto exchanges to benefit from the crypto economy in a secure and transparent manner.

Sorex is a solution for long term crypto holders looking to earn from their holdings without trading or manual intervention.

Sorex is a platform that makes it easy to create your own digital currency, asset or utility token in an instant. The platform also provides staking and masternode services to enable more people around the world who do not have access to crypto exchanges to benefit from the crypto economy in a secure and transparent manner.

SOREX will ship SRX Tokens on 21.04.2022 on 4 significant blockchains simultaneously — ETH, BSC, AVAX and FTM
Complete Supply — 1,500,000 SRX
Blockchain — ETH, BSC, AVAX, FTM
SRX Token Launch — 21.04.2022
SRX List Price — $1.00
Multiple Options — 28.02.2022
Program Ventura “RENCANA” — 28.02.2022
SRX Pre-post Staking-03.03.2022
NFT Loan – 10.03.2022

AI Investment Protocol, Binary Options & NFT Lending – We aim to be the leading Crypto Investment Platform in the Defi Sector

SOREX rewards its holders with 2.11% daily interest, auto compounding every 60 minutes, earning 204,036.60% APY.
Just hold the SRX Token and watch your 1,000 $SRX become 2,041,335.69 $SRX in a year.
Powered by our innovative Sorex Treasury algorithm using auto-buyback & burn to support prices.

This is the last chance to get SRX for 0.3 USD!!!

Next Round Price:
2nd Round – 60,000 SRX
1 SRX – 0.4 USD
Buy SRX (1 SRX – 0.3 BUSD)( https://sorex.io/user/dashboard/ico ) Bet
SRX with Fixed APY 204,036.60 ( https://sorex.io/user/risking )

Website: https://sorex.io/

Join Sorex on Social Media:

Grup Bounty SOREX – https://t.me/+9PzCQ0jAPHoyNjlk
Telegram (SOREX Community) – https://t.me/SOREX_Official
SOREX 3 LVL Reference Program – http://t.me/SOREX_Official_BOT
Telegram (SOREX Announcement) – https://t.me/SOREX_Official_ANN
Twitter – https://twitter.com/SOREX_IO
Dispute: https://discord.gg/j8hU66PgPk
by ; Tasiqmalaya

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