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The invention of the computer is one of the greatest advances in human history. It changed the way we work and thus revolutionized the world industry. Then, the Internet and its global distribution have changed the way we communicate, how we share information and how we learn.The HiveNet project is     now registered at    because of HiveNet’s  future contribution  to reducing electronic waste and protecting our environment.HiveNet   will offer its users the opportunity to safely lease their computing power while the computer is not in use. In this way, less resources must be consumed to build new computers and less electronic waste is created. HiveNet   motivates users to participate by giving them advantages for their computing resources

What is   HiveNet?

Increasing Demand for Cloud Computing Power Cloud computing services are very flexible and have become the choice of choice for companies, universities and other organizations for many computing tasks.Global demand is increasing at an increasingly rapid rate. Although cloud computing is in many cases cheaper than setting up its own dedicated computing center, computing is still very expensive

How it works


  1. Client Users  The   HiveNet   Client users are all-in-one tool users and include computing, blockchain and module wallet software. This enables easy and user-friendly handling without the need for in-depth technological knowledge.
  2. HiveNet   Blockchain
    The   HiveNet   Blockchain is guaranteed by the highly efficient
    Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. This is specifically optimized for   HiveNet   and combines high security with fast transactions.

HiveNet   is the Next Generation of Cloud Computing

Around the clock and throughout the world there are many idle computers. HiveNet   offers technology solutions for utilizing this idle resource. HiveNet   will connect unemployed personal and commercial computers to build a global distributed cloud computing network. This will allow the computer owner to benefit from their computer, when they are not using it.

 HiveNet  Ecosystem

  1. Customer Payments Customers will only pay for computing power, which they have actually used. They will pay with   HiveCoins   or for convenience with their local fiat money (eg US-Dollar or Euro), which is automatically exchanged with   HiveCoins   on digital currency exchanges. This will generate ongoing and fundamental demand for   HiveCoins   and will ensure inherent value.
  2. Providing Computing Power
    Computer owners will provide their IDL computing power and will be rewarded through fair distribution of customer payments. Accurate payments will be ensured and automated with the Gift Giving Application.
  3. Trade and Use   HiveCoins
    Like other cryptocurrency,   HiveCoins   will be exchangeable via digital currency exchange. We will also issue a debit card and include a widely used online payment system, such as PayPal. With this, HiveCoin owners   will be able to use HiveCoin savings   to pay at many local and online stores. In this way,   HiveNet will   allow mass public adoption.
  4. stake out   HiveCoins

Benefits of   HiveNet

  1. Computer Owner  How many hours per day do you really use your computer?Just imagine that your computer is profitable for the rest of the day. HiveNet   makes it possible by providing valuable computing tasks securely from paying customers to your computer.All you need is a computer with an internet connection.
  2. Crypto Traders
       has an inherent cryptocurrency:   HiveCoin  . HiveCoins is   used to pay for computing power in   HiveNet  . With this the ongoing demand for   HiveCoins is   ensured and will create one of the few cryptocurrency with real and fundamental value, which provides excellent short-term and long-term opportunities for traders

  3. HiveNet
     customers are   far cheaper than traditional cloud computing. How? Because many important cost levers that apply to traditional providers (eg Amazon Web Services) do not apply to   HiveNet  , because they use the available computer idle time. So, there is no need to invest in new computers, housing and many other operational costs.
  4. Nature  HiveNet   increases the use of available computers. Thus less resources are consumed to build new computers and less electronic waste is created.Also,   HiveNet Blockchain   uses a very economical Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, which saves more resources than most available blockchain.

How to buy HiveNet Tokens  

All details about the  upcoming sales of  HiveNet  Tokens   will be announced at    www. H    iveNet.  As    explained    before. If you don’t want to lose the opportunity to participate, make sure you register for our email bulletin and / or follow our social media channels.

Development Funding

Depending on the amount of funds collected,    HiveNet    will be developed with effective development level features.


  1. Maximilian Pinker – Chief Executive
  2. Andreas Bogner – Head of Technology
  3. Qiao Pinker – Head of Finance
  4. Evelyn Gu – Senior Marketing Manager
  5. Debasis Ratha – Senior Software Engineer
  6. Manish Chibba – Senior Software Engineer
  7. James Lee – Software Engineer
  8. Tatiana Tsutsor – Communication Specialist
  9. Thomas Wunder – Communication Specialist
  10. George Qiao – Multimedia Expert

Senior advisor

  1. Dr. Matthias Besch – Senior Advisor
  2. Sebastian Daschner – Senior Advisor


Whitepaper:    https: // www /  Facebook source
Telegram:    https: //
Medium: -hivenet-blog /
Ann Thread: index .php? topic = 5182414.0by; lawriqlink::;u=2646053

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