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Open World

the first social platform in the blockchain / crypto industry


Modern technology is something, many useful things that appear out of nowhere and help us in life. It’s hard to imagine that 15-20 years ago there were no smartphones. People just call on “city” phones that don’t move. Today everything has changed. Cryptocurrency is another technology that can change our world for the better. This concept emerged several years ago. However, the technology has proven to be very useful and sought after in various fields. From daily payments to data protection. The cryptocurrency function is based on blockchain technology. All this information is stored on various devices participating in this system, and anyone can become a member of this system (something like a torrent when downloading information). Information about such payments can be displayed on all devices (data synchronized via the Internet), making it almost impossible to break such a system. The advantages of developing projects in this system are clear. Digital currencies are created, implemented without external and internal management, they do not have central management. Transactions on the blockchain are carried out anonymously using special keys; Transaction is complete, the transaction cannot be canceled. Information about cryptocurrency is presented in the form of a continuous block chain, the latter storing data from previously valid blocks, which ensures network continuity. At present, there are many opportunities to exploit the potential of various types of tokens. built on blockchain. The use of tokens has increased significantly and increased over the past year, and because the blockchain is increasingly being introduced to the financial sector, it is natural that companies and investors are looking for ways to use them that will benefit them over the years. Stan World   also keeps getting the latest information and creating platforms based on blockchain technology. Stan World is the next generation of social networking powered by VR, Blockchain, and AI. This will be the first platform in the crypto industry blockchain industry, which will receive real mass recognition among a wide audience – Gen-Z, teenagers and young people born from 1992 to 2005. How Gen-Z uses media and communicates on the Internet is changing , so the team has created Stan World, which will redefine the discovery and socialization of friends.

Stan World, however, is more than just a social platform; that is the world. Users find friends in new ways through:

• virtual reality: socialize through face-to-face conversations imitated in the deep 3D virtual world

• virtual avatars: be what you want and express your identity through fully customizable avatars

• virtual community: join Standoms, a community of users who gather based on the same interests / hobbies

• virtual activities: watching movies, attending concerts, playing games, going to amusement parks, or relaxing together in a virtual world

Everything in our world is fully designed, created and run by the community.

Through our AI-powered creation tools, each user or group of friends – without any background knowledge – can contribute to their community as:

• creator: uses keywords to produce virtual objects to create items, experiences, and games.

• users: contribute to this creation through various forms of engagement such as testing, reviewing, and promotion

Stan Coin, Stan World’s main currency, is guaranteed by a blockchain smart contract that makes all attributions verifiable and irreversible. We use the blockchain to ensure that creators / users are compensated automatically, safely and instantly.

Stan Coin is a cryptocurrency utility with a variety of uses at:

• creations that reward: creators get the largest percentage of profits generated from their creations

• incentivize incentives: users also get prizes when they contribute through engagement activities such as testing, reviewing and promoting creation

• bridging the real world: transactions take place in the virtual world but also in the real world where users can use coins interchangeably

Through blockchain technology, we have designed the Stan World ecosystem to provide equal and fair benefits to all participants.

Access to Stan World is currently only open to Stan Coin holders and we are now starting our Stan Coin sales round.

Sales will be limited, so be sure to participate when we open and become one of the first citizens in the new world!

the features

Stan World will provide a virtual experience that can be fully utilized by users. Be it selling virtual t-shirts, merchandise or souvenirs, Stan World users will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of experiences and economic opportunities. Through the use of this virtual marketplace, Stan World will create a new environment for users to explore and grow with the communities they have built.

Users choose what they want to do at Stan World, whether it’s immersed in an epic role playing adventure, competing with other users, or just kicking in with friends online, you choose it and we can allow it. Users can engage with other fans to sing, dance and socialize in the VR K-pop Karaoke room, visit “Elon Land” with fellow Elon Musk fans, or compete in the Game of Dragons battle tournament in front of thousands of real-time watching spectators. Freedom is entirely yours.

Stan World will target audiences from existing communities and fandoms for the platform to the virtual world. This will allow users to facilitate fandom activities at Stan World, most similar to how they will interact in the real world, but in a more profound way in VR.


Token Sale

ICO start date: Sep 26, 2019

ICO End date: 31 Oct 2019

Soft cap: 5.000.000 USD (fiat)

Hard cover size: 30,000,000 USD (fiat)

Detail token

Ticker: STAN

Type: Utility-token

Additional Token Emissions: No

Currency Received






Bonus Program

Round 1: $ 0.10 USD, 15% bonus, 2019/09/26-2019 / 10/03

Round 2: $ 0.25 USD, 10% Bonus, 2019/10 / 03-2019 / 10/10

Round 3: $ 0.50 USD, 5% Bonus, 2019/10 / 10-2019 / 10/17

Round 4: $ 0.75 USD, 5% Bonus, 2019/10 / 17-2019 / 10/24

Round 5: $ 0.75 USD, 3% Bonus, 2019/10 / 24-2019 / 10/31

Project road map


TIMAidan Ki Hong Lee – Founder and CEOPeter Jung – Co-Founder and COO of STAN WORLDSee Chin (Max) Woon – Co-Founder and CTOJuni Kim – DEVELOPERJoseph Park – DEVELOPERDavid Co – Business AnalystJin Yu – BUSINESSKelly Cheng – BUSINESSSimon Lee – FINANCECONSULTANTDavid Moon – ADVISORS TO THE WORLD

Project details can be found at the link below.

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YouTube  world standards

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