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HUGE METAVERSE — We build the world you imagine

Metaverse is something that netizens have been buzzing about and talking about for quite some time. What is Metaverse? Metaverse is a virtual world concept where one can create and explore with other internet users in the form of their own avatar.

Metaverse is a very broad and complex technology. The world of Metaverse is a completely different world in the Computer room. This requires access via (VR), Virtual Reality or (AU) Augmented Reality. This Metaverse can be accessed through Personal Computers, Phones and Game Consoles. Metaverse is a vast space in the Digital world which has its own economy where users will be able to sell and buy goods. Metaverse has an interoperable feature that allows users to take things like clothes, cars from one place to another. . Metaverse allows users to buy virtual Lands, build them, and rent them out. This is quite an amazing technology that will revolutionize the digital world. In this article, I will talk about the Big Metaverse platform, the newly discovered decentralized Metaverse ecosystem powered by users on blockchain technology.

With technology that combines two-dimensional and or three-dimensional virtual objects into a real environment and then projects these objects in real time.

Meanwhile, virtual reality (VR) technology in metaverse is a technology that is able to create simulations. This simulation can be similar to the real world, such as the atmosphere when the user walks around a place.

What’s Metaverse like? Here’s how it works or some of the activities or things users can do on Metaverse, including:

Horizon: Horizon is a virtual world where you can choose or create your own land like park, office, playground, beach, mountain, outer space or any place you want to go.

Avatar: Avatar is the user can create their own avatar as desired such as human avatar with male or female gender complete with clothes or other forms such as robots, characters, dinosaurs, and others.

Virtual activities: Virtual activities are users can do the same activities in the real world such as exercising, watching movies, watching concerts, lectures, work and so on.

Gather together: Gather together means users can meet up with other users for meetings, parties or just hanging out together.

Shopping: Shopping is that users can shop and transact like shopping directly at a store or mall.

Entering the game: Entering the game is the user can enter the game like the movie Ready Player One or Movie Free Guy.

Hardware: Hardware is the user wearing the Virtual headset.

BigMetaverse’s goal is to build a large Decentralized Metaverse ecosystem where users will be able to explore, participate in activities, collaborate, learn and do all sorts of things together. It’s like the real world but the BigMetaverse world will be limited to the Virtual world. Users will be able to connect friends all over the world, chat with them, Play Games together, and engage in shared activities. BigMetaverse will allow users to create and monetize their content. It only offers a blockchain powered platform where content creators monetize virtual products, interactive 3D models. All these activities are supported by the use of cryptocurrencies and Smart contract technology.
Content creators earn tokens by sharing their creativity with others. BigMetaverse offers a decentralized metadata registry for the Web3 ecosystem, the protocol is capable of storing, indexing, and searching metadata attached to smart contracts. Day by day many people adopt Metaverse, they start to experience VR and AR (Augmented Reality) technology.

HUGE Metaverse Project
Bridge In Gain (BIG) is a video game world based on Metaverse technology. Video games are presented with a futuristic utopia or dystopia by presenting various game genres that can be enjoyed by all groups including Sci-fi, MMORPG, FPS, Hunting Adventure which can be accessed through the portal inside Bridge in Gain.

BIG Metaverse connects the real world with the virtual world that is accessible to users all over the world. Players will be provided with an amazing immersive experience while being able to benefit from each playthrough.

Design and explore virtual worlds with realistic visualizations built on the Binance blockchain protocol. Build a city with various interesting properties, play games that let you swim to fly in the beauty of the natural ecosystem of the BIG Metaverse.

Meanwhile, BIG coin is a cryptocurrency built on the blockchain PT. Continent of Global Integration. $BIG has a total supply of 250,000,000 with a transparent system to create a more secure BIG Metaverse environment.

Please note, the development of Blockchain-based game technology is complete with a digital currency called BIG Token which is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

So this game can be played for free and or paid, and all forms of purchase are assets that are entitled to players with a deflation mechanism.

BIG Token has a total supply of 250,000,000 with a transparent system to create a more secure Bridge In Gain Metaverse environment. Each token will be distributed during the Token Generation Event (TGE) according to a predetermined time period.

How the Big Metaverse works

: Very good project . I’m sure this project will have a lot of interest when it launches because this project has a solid team structure and very good project trust. I am sure that when it launches, there will be a lot of interest in this project because this project has a solid and reliable team structure. This project is one of the most creative and revolutionary of all! pleasures that I will be wary of. In my opinion, one of the best projects.

Most of us already know blockchain technology as the core foundation of the crypto ecosystem. The versatile features associated with this technology have led to the popularity of cryptocurrencies attracting not only a loyal user base but also institutional investors and large corporations. But blockchain is not limited to just cryptocurrencies, it can cause a paradigm shift in almost every industry related to information storage and data protection as it has the ability to decentralize operations without relying on any authority to control data.

This project, and the team have built a strong community with great potential. Lucky project. Great project with a really cool idea! I believe in their success. The increasing popularity and adoption of cryptocurrencies by millions of users raises serious concerns about network congestion and scalability of different blockchain networks. Apart from increasing cryptocurrency trading, decentralized finance also increases the load on these networks. The promising nature of blockchain has led to the development of many new protocols including yield farming, liquidity pools, and mining platforms on an already dense blockchain.

Game Economy
Games on Metaverse BIG can be played for free and/or for a fee, but any form of purchase becomes a wholly-owned asset to the player with deflationary mechanisms that allow the player to profit.

Interestingly, games on the BIG Metaverse can be played for free but players can still get BIG tokens without spending a penny which is often called play to earn (P2E).

Premium Shop or Premium Shop is an item purchase feature provided by developers for players in Bridge in Gain, in the Premium Shop there are various items such as: Wardrobe, Accessories, Character Interface, Vehicle, Property, and Function .

The exchange rate or currency value that applies to make purchases at the Premium Shop using Manik (gamecash), which can be obtained by top-up (fiat) through Player Super Apps or through the Website. Bridge In Gain uses a decentralized storage system, to distribute in-game assets, each asset that needs to be rendered will take the file reference into the smart contract.

The NFT Marketplace is a feature in Bridge In Gain where digital assets or NFTs are typically displayed and traded. In this marketplace, digital collectors can sell, buy or create NFTs to represent ownership of unique assets or goods, either tangible (physical) or intangible (digital) for display or registration on the NFT Market.

Each virtual asset in the NFT marketplace can identify the creator, ownership, description, and historical record of ownership, and can identify the asset’s value. The categories of goods available on the NFT Marketplace include: Ardh, Flat, Office, NFT Wardrobe, NFT Accessories, and NFT Property .

The developer of the BIG Metaverse application also makes several other applications such as BIG Tenant Apps and Player Super Apps . The features in the application are connected to the real world that are tailored to the needs of the wider community.

BIG Metaverse is committed to combining several innovative technologies and applying them effectively in the world of gaming and everyday life.

By presenting the character controller feature using haptic gloves and VR devices, the team intends to provide an extraordinary experience for users.

Bridge In Gain Metaverse (BIG) is a leading pioneer who brings the latest technology to the global economy and strives to maximize the development of Blockchain-based gaming technology.

Is a cryptocurrency built on the blockchain PT. Continent of Global Integration. $BIG has a total supply of 250,000,000 with a transparent system to create a more secure BIG Metaverse environment.

The formula we built is community based to maintain price stability in the market and metaverse ecosystem

Total Supply (100%)

Seed Sales (3%)

Personal Selling (10%)

Presale (15%)

Public Sales (18%)

Bet Prize (25%)

Liquidity Pool (7%)

Marketing (6%)

Development (6%)

We put together a systematic plan for the progress of the BIG Metaverse


The first step in our journey is to carefully design concepts and ideas and then proceed to form a team. After the team is formed, we carry out technology and ecosystem research followed by prototyping and making a final decision on the plan to be implemented. Then we also legalized the company, and illustrated the concept of Bridge in Gain. The preparation of game design documents and making prototypes was continued with the development of the company’s website.


Next, the conceptualized idea is designed into a 3D asset for the Bridge in Gain Metaverse and continues with the development of the system and ecosystem within it. Then, we will also develop tenant applications and player super apps for your business needs. Also in this quarter, we developed the web, and integrated it with the Unity system. After that, we also check the quality of the products made through quality assurance and proceed with Alpha Tests and Pre-release news


In the third quarter, we did a Beta Test and continued with the release of Bridge in Gain Metaverse V.1. Then, we issue tokens and issue a whitepaper. After that, BIG coins will be listed on pancake swap, coin market cap, and coinecko. In addition, we also innovate by launching BIG FIN-X Wallet as a non-cash transaction tool. Then we audit smart contracts through certificate audits followed by licenses from various exchanges such as Tokocrypto and Indodax. In addition to permits from the stock exchange, we also applied for permits to CoFTRA and Bank Indonesia.


After obtaining the license, we will develop the NFT starting from Field Development, Flats and Offices. We also built our own Blockchain to make it easier for users to transact at cheaper and faster prices. Next up, coin issuance and smart contract creation. Compilation and publication of the V.2 whitepaper, then we will launch the BIG Marketplace followed by the release of Bridge on

Great people behind the scenes building new worlds and ecosystems that have a stable future for you

Pandu Prabu
tech people

Sigit Wijaya
tech people

Riki Rhenaldi
tech people

Sys Wyndar
tech people

On May 23, 2022, BRIDGE IN GAIN has held a soft launch in Jakarta, Indonesia

Information :
Website : https://bigmetaverse.io/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/MetaverseBig
Telegram : https://t.me/BridgeInGainCommunity
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/bigmetaverse/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/bigmetaverse/

by ; Tasiqmalaya

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