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CryptoPirates – Play to Earn & Idle Crypto Game ZPG


US-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has launched a “diversity of thought” initiative that prohibits co-workers from describing words to each other as “racist” or “x-phobic.” ” announced a corporate culture overhaul, including the initiative. that company.

Unlike many other cryptocurrency exchanges, Kraken will continue to recruit through its so-called “crypto winter,” and the bear market has recently announced that it is “fantastic for eliminating hype-chasing applicants from those who truly believe in our mission. ” .

Ekosistem REX NFT:

This month, CEO Jesse Powell released a 31-page memo detailing the Kraken’s libertarian values ​​and telling the New York Times that he doesn’t think he should choose his own pronouns, according to the New York Times. Powell offered his employees an ultimatum to sign on to a new Kraken philosophy or never work for Kraken again. If the employee chooses the latter, Kraken will give him four months’ salary. Employees must make a decision by Monday at the latest.

The cultural overhaul followed the volatile crypto market, which saw other exchanges similar to mass layoffs and job freezes at Kraken Labs. The market rifts within Kraken, and the company drama unfolds around Slack messages and internal email. A cultural reset memo released Tuesday contained headlines such as “More pirates than experts” and “Someone has to take offense someday.” This is the public view of companies trying to rearrange themselves while pushing people away.

In the “Someone has to be offended at some point” section, the company shares a set of “communication principles”. These include “Everyone is responsible for their feelings” and “Speech and silence are really ‘violent'”, “We don’t like poison, hate, racist, x-hate, unhelpful, etc. This includes bullets like “I don’t ‘don’t call it words’. The company states at the bottom of this section that racism and racism are illegal, but “We comply with all employment laws and do not support illegal practices in the workplace.”

What are the Benefits of Investing in Crypto-Pirate

The benefits of investing in Crypto-Pirates are many. One of the most important features is that it is simply a game that you can play while benefiting from dividends and growth in your investment. This is not a scam, but the real deal. The game is based on the collectible type game, which has become popular in the last decade with the advent of blockchain. The funny thing about the word “investment” is that it means something very different to different people. For some, that means buying a stock and hoping it goes up. This game is unique, and offers something you won’t find anywhere else. The idea behind Crypto-Pirates is to give users the ability to invest in their own unique digital artwork. Crypto-Pirates is one of the hottest blockchain games out there.

Investing in crypto pirates is a way to get into the crypto world. Crypto-Pirates is an NFT game on the Ethereum blockchain. NFT is a crypto game that pays dividends in Ethereum (ETH). As a crypto game, it is not like an ordinary game that can be played on the internet, but a blockchain-based internet game. The difference is that the user plays the game using NFT and he does not use any currency to play the game. Users will earn ETH by playing games. There are several other benefits that users can get by having NFT.

What is a Crypto Pirate?

Crypto Pirates is a game about pirates, treasure and epic battles. But it’s not just an ordinary game. This is the first in-game marketplace that allows players to sell their items and get paid in Cryptocurrencies. This is a revolutionary idea that will change the way people think about video games and virtual items. Cryptocurrency is the new gold, and the only way to get it is to mine it. But mining is difficult and expensive, which is why we created a way for you to have the best “crypto” experience. With Crypto Pirates, you can get all the gold you want, upgrading your ship as you go!

Crypto Pirates is a multiplayer online game running on the blockchain. As a player, you can explore the map, buy and sell items, trade with other players, battle pirates, and claim territory. Since the game runs on the blockchain, everything you do is transparent and immutable. There is no centralized server, so no one to trick you. The gameplay is blockchain and smart contract driven. The game has its own cryptocurrency, which is required to buy, sell and trade anything in the game.

Why develop Crypto Pirates?

The main goal of the project is to create an interesting gameplay that will appeal to players and will provide an opportunity to earn tokens. We wanted to create not only another project for NFT holders, but, above all, an interesting game for everyone, even for those who are not ready to shop. Crypto Pirates is an online game with a twist. This is a game that allows you to buy items and sell them for a profit. This is a game where you can buy and sell weapons, ships and castles. This is a game that allows you to create an economy and make a living from it. This is a game that lets you play from any device and from anywhere in the world.

This is a game that lets you play in a life-sized sandbox world. This is a game where you can meet and play with up to 500 people. This is a game where you can team up with your friends and play with them, or work against them. This is an exciting game because it is realistic. A game where you get to live the life of a pirate. Where you can buy and sell anything you want. By turning.


The Importance of REX NFT

Kraken went on to say that the company, as the sole donor of the issue, could undermine other civil rights by lobbying in favor of controversial politicians and laws promoting missions. If you’re promoting The Mission, sponsor TV shows, podcasts, influencers, and controversial shows.”

The company said there would be no “second mission” beyond the company’s goals unless it helped the company move forward. According to the memo, these included a mandatory seasonal flu vaccine, donations to the social justice movement, and a refusal to host team diversity training.

“We believe this financial system arsenal is immoral,” the memo said. “Financial services often have to get rid of platforms of people and organizations with unpopular views. In our time, no financial service equals no electricity. While controversial, we will not voluntarily remove law-abiding individuals or businesses from the platform.”

The Company expressly prohibits “ethnicity, strife or pursuing an agenda not officially set by the Company while the whole world is preoccupied with trivial controversies surrounding First World matters.” This is a true humanitarian crisis that we can overcome.”

CEO Jesse Powell said in a tweet thread that employees were upset about several things, including “pronouns, whether someone can be identified as a different race and use N words” and “whether there is no human gender difference at all”. said to have paid.”

Twitter users were quick to criticize the company and its founders.

One user said, “The raw heuristic in the coming weeks: the more cryptocurrency companies mention ‘community’ in their announcements, the worse off the company will be.”


PVE (Players Vs Enemies)

Players will be able to face monsters head-on and collect useful resources that they can use to fight and defeat stronger opponents. Bosses are one of the core sources of tokens in the game, and you can beat them all alone or collaborate with your friends.


The implementation of co-op screens can help players travel as far as possible and earn huge rewards. Traveling further means you find it harder to find your way back.

PVP (Player Vs Player)

In the game, players will meet other players, either randomly or by challenging them to a duel, you will receive trophies when you take them from defeated enemies.

In-game market and economy

There are three entities in the game: resources, piastres, trophies

Resources Resources

power is used to repair the ship during combat and exploration. Dropped from the mob and found while sailing. Resources are lost after death.


Piastres was used to repair ships in the harbor and to buy artifacts. Piastress cannot be lost in PvP. It is very rare for piasters to be found while sailing.


Trophies are collected from defeated monsters and players. The greater the power of the boss, the more trophies you get for killing him. Part of the trophy is lost if PVP dies. Once a day, players are awarded a number of piastres based on the number of trophies collected. The trophy counter is then reset to zero.


We’re constantly updating and improving Crypto Pirates, but we’re excited to provide functionality that allows gamers and merchants to get up-to-date information on their NFTs before deciding which to sell or buy.



Ecosystem…… 45%

Marketing…….. 15%

Tim……………. 180%

IDOL ………………. 4%

Personal Selling…… 14%

Round seeds ……. 4%


We’re excited to finally be able to showcase a game we’ve been working on for a long time. You play as a pirate explorer exploring infinite space in this game. You’ll travel through a huge cosmos full of planets, asteroids, and more in search of spectacular loot. As you accumulate experience on your journey, you can upgrade your ship, fend off enemies, and build your crew.

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by ; Tasiqmalaya

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